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Lottery: Employer FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about the employer experience of interview scheduling

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Here are some of our most popular questions concerning the employer experience during an interview scheduling event! Don't forget to review these how-to articles, too:

📝 Registration FAQ’s:

  1. Does my job submission time affect my chances of getting my First Choice interview date?

    • No need to rush! In Flo Recruit’s Lottery system, it does not matter what time you register and submit your job(s), as long as you meet the Registration Deadline set by the school.

      • You can find the Registration Deadline on the left side panel under “Event Information” while viewing the program in Flo Recruit.

  2. Can I request Full and Half day schedules for the same job?

    • Yes. To register for a combination of Full and Half day schedules for the same job, select Full for both and email your school contact the specifications.

      • For example, to request 1 Full schedule and 1 Morning schedule on the same date, submit 2 Full schedules and email your school contact that you’d like one of them reduced to a Morning or Afternoon on the same date.

  3. Can I request that my schedules are one the same date or on different dates?

    • Yes. To specify whether you’d like your schedules on the same date vs. different dates, either:

      • The school will include a custom “Employer Question” at the bottom of your registration form where you may specify.

      • If there is no “Employer Question” for this note, please email your school contact with the request.

  4. Can I attach a PDF to my job description?

    • No, but you can hyperlink in your job description. We recommend creating a webpage version of your PDF and linking to it.

  5. Will program payment take place through Flo Recruit?

    • No, payment is not connected to the registration portal. You will continue to pay the school as you have historically.

🗂 Matches and Document FAQ’s:

  1. When will my Matches be available?

    • You can see the Matches release date by hovering over the “Matches” button on each of your jobs. If they are not yet available, a date will be displayed.

  2. When will student documents be available for viewing and download?

    • Each school controls their own document availability timelines. You can review these program settings when creating and editing your Jobs; the timelines are noted in the Job Information section under Supporting Documents.

  3. How do I download student documents?

  4. How do I export my Final Schedule to .CSV (spreadsheet)?

    • Paid Flo Recruit clients can export schedules to .CSV by navigating to “Live Dashboard” in the upper righthand corner of your program. Then select the download icon and the event dates you’d like to download.

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