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Lottery: Employer Registration and Job Creation
Lottery: Employer Registration and Job Creation

How to register for a lottery event and post jobs as an employer.

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Welcome to Lottery Interview Scheduling in Flo! As an employer, you will either be sent an invite email or an email containing a registration link.

If you click on the link too early, you will see verbiage that indicates when registration is meant to start:


When it is time, you will walk through an email verification step. Simply fill in your email address and click the link in the email:

If you already have a Flo Recruit account, you will then be able to click on the second link to actually access the event. It is a good idea to bookmark this link to easily have on hand.

It is important to note that each email domain is only able to create one Flo Recruit account. For example, if you are part of a government employer in one specific division, but another division of your organization already has a Flo account associated with that email domain, you will need to use their account. You can create separate job postings with separate points of contact for this event within the account, but your overall Flo account will be the same. You will need to be added to this account as an admin in order to login. Due to this, it is also best practice to put your specific division, location, or department in the title of your job.

If you do not have an account already, once you click on the email verification link, your domain will be auto-generated based on your email address. You will be prompted to provide your Organization Name and a brief description:

On the next screen, you will need to provide your name. Due to the email verification process, you will not be able to change the email field:

You will then be redirected to set up an account by creating a password:

Next, you will be taken to your Flo account:

After this, go back to the email you received with the verification link. Now that you have an account, as mentioned previously, you will be able to click on the second link to actually access the event. Again, it is a good idea to bookmark this link to easily have on hand.

Once you do so, you will be prompted to acknowledge the university's recruitment policy, if they have provided one.

Job Creation

Now that you have registered and acknowledged the recruitment policy, you will see the page below:

On the left-hand side, you will see some basic event details, including the event description and registration deadline:

Note that you may have the option to allow students to interview with your organization multiple times. This will default to off, but you can easily toggle it on if you wish for the student to speak with different interviewers or for different job positions:

You will also be prompted to make a choice when you go to make a new schedule:

If you do not see this option, that means that the school or hosting organization has turned off this setting.

To create your job, click on either of the buttons shown:

This will open a small pop-up in the middle of the screen where you will need to enter the name of the Job you will be posting. As a reminder, if you share an email domain with other departments or organizations, be sure to put your specific division, location, or department in this title:

In step 2, you will fill out basic information about this position. If you elect to specify practice areas, you can select from the drop-down. If your specific practice area is not located in the practice areas drop-down, please select "Other" for this option. You have the ability to list your specific practice area under your job description if you wish to clarify further.

You can choose to specify office locations as well. If you do not see your office location in the drop-down, you can leave this option blank for now. You will have the ability to add a new office location in the following steps.

If you will be simply collecting student documents, you can select "Document Collect Only." By doing so, you will not be scheduled for any interviews.

Step 3 in this pop-up will be selecting your preferred interview times, if the school or hosting organization has given you this option. In this case, you have the ability to indicate your preferred date to interview, as well as whether you prefer a full day or half day schedule. You may also have the ability to select if you would like to have more than one schedule. You can elect to have more than one schedule created if you would like to 1) interview for the same position over the course of multiple dates, 2) have multiple interview rooms with different interviewers for the same position, or 3) split your team of interviewers up across the day of interviews (i.e. Interviewer A conducts interviews in the morning and interviewer B conducts them in the afternoon).

Once you click "Create Job", this pop-up will be replaced with a full screen of job settings, where you can edit the information you have just inserted, as well as add office locations, interviewer and employer contact details.

On this screen, you will once again see the event description and deadline. You will also have a convenient checklist of each required section on this page. You can easily jump to a specific section by clicking the name.

Note that, depending on the school or host organization, you may not be presented with each of these fields:

Let's go through each section! Again, your checklist may be slightly different depending on the hosting organization. You have already filled out most of the information included in these sections, you now have the chance to edit this information and add more details.

The first section, Job Details, includes information from the first step of the pop-up. However, it also includes employer contact information and the ability to add office locations.

If you choose to specify your office location and the location you wish to select is not in the dropdown, you can select the "+" button. This will open a small popup where you can add in your office location.

Next, you can specify the employer contact for this event. Your employer contact might be you, someone else on the recruiting team, or multiple people. Similar to the other fields, you will be able to select from a drop-down:

If the person you want to designate as an employer contact is not in the drop-down, click on Add New Member:

You will be taken to the Members page. Click on + Add Member. The main fields required are email, full name, and whether or not the person will be an admin on the account. This just means that they will also have access to creating or editing schedules, as opposed to interviewers, who are typically non-admin members:

Once added, this new employer contact will appear in the dropdown. You can add multiple employer contacts to this field as well by clicking the "+Employer Contact" button a second time.

All done with Job Details! Now onto schedule settings.

Again, you have already filled out the majority of the information in this section. The remaining information that needs to be entered are your interviewer details. The number of interviewers that you will be prompted to enter information for changes depending on the number of schedules you have chosen. You can choose an interviewer from the drop-down list. If the interviewer you wish to add is not in the drop-down, you can click "+ New Interviewer" and enter their information here:

You have the ability to select more than one interviewer for each schedule as well:

If you do not know who will be conducting interviews at the time of registration, you can select "Interviewer TBD". Note that this will need to be updated before the final schedule goes out if you wish for students to know the name of their interviewer before the event begins.

Now onto Job Information.

In this section, you will be able to customize your job posting.

Note that the Job Description supports rich text. This means that you can bold, italicize, underline, create bulleted and numbered lists, and hyperlink.

By designating the class year, you will avoid receiving any irrelevant applications.

For the Supporting Documents, something to be aware of is that the school determines which documents you can request and when they will be visible:

The last step is Employer Questions, if the school has chosen to ask them.

These questions will vary depending on the school. How you can answer the questions will also depend on how the school has set up the question. It may be a simple yes or no, or require a response that is single-select, multi-select, a date, free text, or numerical.

Once you have completed all required fields for your job posting, the Submit to School button will no longer be grayed out.

After you submit your job to the school, you have the ability to go back and edit any of the sections up until the employer registration deadline passes. If you absolutely need to make edits to your posting after the deadline passes, you can reach out to the university or hosting organization to make edits on their end.

If needed, you may continue to add new job postings. To do so, first click on "Return to Jobs" in the upper left-hand corner:

From here you can click "New Job" and begin the process again.

Depending on how the school has set up their event, you may be notified when your schedule has been approved and of your specific time block assignment.

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