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Lottery: Viewing Matches, Student Documents, and Schedules
Lottery: Viewing Matches, Student Documents, and Schedules

How to view the students you matched with along with their documents, and view your interviewer's schedules!

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Once you have posted your jobs, students have placed their bids, and the hosting University or consortium has run the lottery, you will have the ability to view the students you matched with and your interviewer's schedules.

If you have not yet registered for the Lottery event or posted a job, please view this article first for more information!

Regardless of whether or not you are a paid employer, you will need to log into your Flo Recruit account to access your event. You can do so by following the links that have been emailed to you by the event's hosting organization, or, by clicking here to sign into your account.

Note: This article contains information specific to both paying and non-paying customers. Paying customers are given additional options inside of Lottery events, including Feedback and follow-up emails, as well as viewing the live dashboard. Information on this is included in this help article. If you are a non-paying customer, your event page will not show the live dashboard, automated emails, or attendee information tabs.

Viewing Matches and Downloading Documents (paying and non-paying customers)

To view your matches, navigate to your events page and select your lottery event. This will allow you to view and edit your job, or view lottery matches. To view the students you've matched with, select "View ___ Matches":

This will open up a table of all of the students you've matched with where you can view their name and email, class year, and graduation year, preferences, schedule information, documents, and much more!

Use the column management tool on the far right to adjust the columns that are shown.

New to Lottery, you also have the ability to export this table. Doing so will allow you to have the candidate email addresses all in one export! This export will include everything shown in the table.

Selecting a student's name will open up a pop-up where you can view their information as well as any documents that they have provided:

If you wish to export these documents, select the check box next to the students that you wish to export - or all students, by selecting the topmost check box - and then selecting the "Download" button in the top righthand corner of the table:

This will email you a link to download a bulk PDF. When you follow this link, you can easily use bookmarks on the left side of the page to navigate from student to student:

Viewing Interviewer Schedules (paying and non-paying customers)

To view your interviewer schedules, navigate again to your event page (If you are viewing individual jobs and wish to return to the main event page, select the "Back to Jobs" button). If the schedule has been created by the hosting organization, you will be able to select the "View Interviewer Schedules" dropdown in the top lefthand corner.

Note: If you are a non-paying customer, you will not have the additional buttons shown in the following screenshot

From this dropdown, select an interviewer to view their schedule. You will be taken to their schedule after choosing their name from the dropdown:

You can copy and share this link with your interviewers if you wish to do so. However, they will also receive this link over email.

Feedback and Follow-Up Emails (paying customers only)

If you are a paying Flo Recruit customer, you have the option to send automated emails to follow-up with candidates, as well as collect feedback from your interviewers about candidates they met with.

To edit these emails, select "Edit Feedback":

First, you can turn on and edit the Follow-Up email to send to candidates. You can customize the "Reply to" person, BCC, CC, the subject, and body of the email. You can also decide at which time the email will go out to candidates:

Next, you can turn on and edit feedback settings. The email including the feedback link will go out to your interviewers after the event has completed. You can also turn the member feedback reminder on to send additional reminders to members that have not yet submitted feedback for the event. In order for this setting to save, you must add at least one feedback question. You can also reorder the way that feedback questions are presented by selecting and dragging the four dots to the left of the question:

Once your emails have been created, you can view them by navigating to "Automated Emails" tab:

Live Dashboard (paying customers only)

If you're a paying customer, you can also view and export the live dashboard from the event. Select the "Live Dashboard" button to view your interviews in the event:

Note: This view will only show your personal organization's interviews, not the entire event

Use this view to monitor your event or view all of your interviewer's schedules in one place. During the event, green circles will show up next to the names of the interviewers and candidates that are actively interviewing. Check out this article for more on the live dashboard.

You can export the live dashboard by selecting the download icon in the top righthand corner of the table:

Attendee Information (paid customers only)

By selecting the "Attendee Information" tab, you can view your interviewers and candidates' schedules in another way:

You can view schedules by members and by candidates. You can also copy the candidate or member's interview link by selecting the three dots next to their name, and copying the link.

Want to know what your firm will look like to students while they're bidding?

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