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We are so excited to bring you the ability to manage the agencies you work with and control who is able to submit applications on behalf of candidates. In this article, we will walk you through creating a new agency, giving an agency access to a job, how agencies apply to jobs, and viewing applications submitted by agencies.

Agency Table

Step 1:

Click Settings on the left panel of your account

Step 2:

Click Recruiting Agencies from the settings list

From here you can sort each column, search by agency name, create a new agency, and provide a link to an agency-specific career page.

Create New Agency

On the agency settings page Click Create New Agency.

An agency can be created with or without contacts. If you want to create an agency and add a contact at the same time Click Create New Contact.

Once an agency is created you can find the agency by using the search function on the agency table. Click on the agency name to view existing contacts, create new contacts, edit the agency name, or deactivate the agency.

Managing Agencies

Agencies that are marked as Active can be granted access to jobs that are created allowing them to submit applications on behalf of candidates.

If an agency is Deactivated that agency will still be visible from the Recruiting Agency table however, they cannot be given access to jobs.

You can give an agency permission to submit applications on behalf of candidates for specific jobs from the job creation workflow within the ATS.

On the job details screen, navigate to the section labeled, Will agencies be able to apply to this job? Selecting Yes will allow you to determine which agency and agency contacts are able to submit applications through the agency career page.

Once you select yes the following options will appear allowing you to grant permission to:

  • All agencies and contacts: all that have been created within the Recruiting Agency table

  • Selected agencies and contacts: one or more agencies and/or one or more contacts within those agencies selected by the user

If ‘Selected agencies and contacts’ is selected, you will be allowed to select an agency from the dropdown field. The agencies that populate this list are those that are marked Active.

After the agency is selected, you can select whether all contacts for that agency or specific contacts will have access.

  • All Contacts: will allow anyone created under that agency to submit an application from the agency career page

  • Selected Contacts: will allow only those specified contact within the agency to submit an application from the agency career page

If Selected Contacts is chosen, you will be allowed to select a contact from the dropdown field.

Permission to submit applications for the job can be granted to multiple agencies. To add an additional agency, click the Add Agency button.

Agencies Viewing Jobs

Recruiting agencies can access the jobs they have been given access to by going to the Agency Career Page. You can copy this link from the Recruiting Agency table page and email it to the agency directly.

When an agency navigates to this page, they will be asked to sign in to view the jobs to which they have access.

Once logged in, the agency will be able to view those jobs to which they have been authorized.

Clicking on a job will display the job details page from which they can begin the application process.

From the application page, the agency will see their information listed at the top along with all of the required information to submit the application.

Once the agency submits the application, the agency will receive all communications regarding that job application. The candidate will not receive email updates.

Should an agency search for a job from the self-apply career page, the agency will be prompted to click on a link directing them to the agency-specific career page.

Viewing Applications Submitted by Agencies

Once an application has been submitted by an agency, you can view the application from the following two places:

  • Job Details page on the candidate slide out

  • Job application on the candidate profile

In both places, the information for the agency that submitted the application will be displayed at the top.

For Agency submitted candidates, the Candidate Application Source will automatically be populated with Agency.

Slide out from Job Details page

Candidate Profile Jobs section

Viewing an Application Without a Candidate Email Address

If an agency submits an application on behalf of a candidate and does not provide the candidate’s email address, this will be indicated in the job details candidate table slide-out, the application on the candidate profile page, the candidate list view, and the candidate left pane.

To edit the section and provide an email address for the application, click the pencil icon.

If a new email address is entered and the section is saved, the updated email address will be displayed.

Check out the Applicant Tracking System section of our Help Center to find more articles on our ATS!

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