How to Host Webinars with Flo Recruit

Detailed instructions for how to create and host a Webinar in Flo Recruit!

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In this article, we will cover how to create and host a webinar! Let's get started:

Step 1: Selecting Event Type

From the Events page in your account, select the Add Event button in the top righthand corner. Next, select Outreach event and click the Create Event button. Finally, select the Webinar option, and click Create Event.

Step 2: Basic Event Information

Once you create your event, you will be taken to the event setup page! The first section includes basic information such as the event name and description. This description will be available to candidates upon event registration and can be used to provide any additional details about your event.

You have the option in this section to make your event Invite Only. If you turn this setting to on, that means that students will need to be either approved or denied after registering for this event.

If this event is only open to students from one law school, you have the ability to select "Yes" under Law School Event. This will autofill all registrant's profiles with the same law school.

Turning on Check in Enabled allows you to track attendance using Kiosk mode or manually using check-in during the event. Check out THIS help article for more information on event check-in.

The next section of setup includes more basic information such as the event date, start and end times, and registration end time. In this section, you will also need to paste the meeting link for external conferencing software that you will be hosting the webinar on.

Step 3: Qualifying Questions

Next, you can add up to 8 qualifying questions. These will be presented to candidates during registration for them to answer. If you wish to create new qualifying questions or edit existing ones, you can select the "Edit Qualifying Questions" pop out. This will open your qualifying question settings in a new tab. You can also edit this setting from your settings page.

Click and drag the 4 dots to the left of the questions to reorder them!

Step 4: Documents

The Documents section allows you to select which documents (if any) you would like to request from students. You can request multiple documents from students and have the ability to make these optional or required. You can choose whether or not these documents will be available to all members that have been added to your Flo Recruit account, or admins only. These documents will be available to members as soon as they are uploaded by students. Members can view these from their feedback link.

Step 5: Feedback

Flo Recruit offers the ability to collect feedback on event attendees from your members. This is optional and allows you to decide if you want to collect feedback through Flo Recruit or via some other method.

If you use feedback collection in Flo, you will be able to select which questions members can answer as well as if the question is optional or required. You can also turn on member feedback reminder emails! If these are on, Flo Recruit will send automated emails to members to remind them to enter their feedback. The reminder emails go out 10 minutes before the start of the event, and then 30 minutes and 24 hours after the event.

Step 6: Editing Emails

The final steps in event setup are to customize your automatic emails! You can customize the reply to person who will be listed in the email, add yourself or another member to the BCC and CC fields, customize the subject and body of the email, and insert hyperlinks.

If you have turned "Invite Only" on for this event, you will also have the ability to customize the approval and denial emails that will send out after candidates are approved or denied.

You are able to customize the time that both the reminder email and follow up email to candidates send out as well.

Step 7: Inviting Attendees

You have a couple of options for adding candidates to the webinar. You can either send out a registration link outside of Flo or, if you already know their names and email addresses, you can manually add them. You will need to download a template, enter candidate's names and emails (this is the only required information), and then upload it to the event.

To Invite Members, select the "Invite Members" button. For those that are a part of your team, simply click the "Invite Members" button to select everyone you wish to invite:

You can invite individual members by selecting their name, or select entire offices by selecting the location to the left of the modal. You can also invite members that attended past events by selecting the name of the past event to the left of the modal.

Voila! You're done! Now, candidates and attorneys will receive the information they need to join the webinar.

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