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Pre-Select: Using Custom or External Video Chat Links
Pre-Select: Using Custom or External Video Chat Links
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If you need to input a custom link once the schedule has already been created, here are the steps to do so for a pre-select or lottery event. If you are utilizing the interview event type that requires importing a spreadsheet, please see this article instead.

Step 1

Navigate to the Event Schedule tab and click on Employer. Select the schedule that needs to be updated and click Edit Schedule.

Step 2

Edit the time slot.

Step 3

Switch the link over to custom and paste in the link. NOTE: It is important to remember to paste an actual link in this field. If you select "Custom," but do not put a link, the students and interviewers will not be able to join the meeting.

If you are updating this for the employer's entire schedule, you will need to repeat this step for each time slot.

Step 4

Save your changes! This is important. Saving the individual time slot alone will NOT save your changes.

Step 5

Click on Event Details to return to your event.

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