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Using Custom or External Video Chat Links
Using Custom or External Video Chat Links
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Whether it be a firewall issue or just personal preference, employers may want to provide you with their own meeting room link. This could be Zoom, Teams, WebEx, or any other video conferencing application.

Adding links is quick and easy with Flo Recruit and there are two ways to do so!

CSV File

First, go to the event page > add event > Interview Program:

Scroll down to Create Schedules and click on Import File:

This will prompt you to download a template:

The custom link can be pasted into the column on the far right. NOTE: It is important to leave this blank if the employer is NOT using a custom link.

Edit Event

If you've already uploaded your .csv file, you can input the link manually instead.

First, go to the event's page and click on Edit Event:

Under Schedules, click on an individual timeslot:

This will expand and allow you to edit various aspects, including the ability to input the custom link. NOTE: It is important to remember to paste an actual link in this field. If you select "Custom," but do not put a link, the students and interviewers will not be able to join the meeting.

What Students and Interviewers Will See

Here is a preview of what participants will be shown when they join their Flo meeting room through their schedule email:

Live Dashboard

Note that Flo will not be able to track if interviewers and students are present or not in external meeting rooms. Thus, if you notice that there are no green dots next to their names, this is why.

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