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Candidate Review - Voting
Candidate Review - Voting

How members can vote on applicants using candidate review

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If you are a member, looking for direction on voting and navigating candidate review, you're in the right place! If you have been shared a review packet link, once clicking on it, you will need to verify your email to view the packet:

If you receive an error, please contact the admin who shared this packet with you as you will need to be added as a member to your Flo Recruit account.

Once you verify your email, you will be able to view the packet as a whole. Depending on whether or not voting has been enabled, your view may look slightly different than the one shown below:

This view gives you an overview of each candidate and their emails and law schools. If voting has been enabled, you can easily cast a vote from this page by selecting an option from the dropdown:

View each candidate's documents, evaluations, and other information included in the review by selecting their name:

Note that the document section is exportable:

Scroll down to view other included information:

If voting has been enabled, you can cast your vote as well as leave comments in the lefthand menu:

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