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Pre-Select and Lottery: Late Registrations
Pre-Select: Late Student Registrations
Pre-Select: Late Student Registrations

How to complete late registrations for students attending pre-select interview scheduling events.

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Late Registration

Starting on May 31st, 2024, you will no longer need to reopen Student Registration for all students to register a single student after the Application Deadline has PASSED.

The student will have limited functionality depending on when they are added to the event and will require additional support from you. However, you can now register the student using the late registration process outlined below.

Once the Application Deadline has PASSED, an Add Late Registration button will appear on the Student Applications table.

Click on the Add Late Registration button to open a modal where you will input the student’s name and email. Next, click on the Send Registration Email button to register the student for the event:

Once you have sent the registration email to the student successfully, you’ll see the following message in the top right corner of your screen:

The STUDENT will need to click on the Confirm Email link to confirm registration and provide their information (class year, etc.) before they can see jobs that are relevant to them:

Applying for a Job

The student will NOT be able to apply for jobs themselves given that the Application Deadline has already passed and they will not be automatically assigned to time slots when running the Scheduler. Thus, you will only be able to manually add the student to an interview time slot after the Scheduler has been run and confirmed by leveraging our current process for updating interview assignments.

Go to the Event Schedule page and the Edit Schedule button. You can either add a new interview times lot by clicking on Add Timeslot button OR Edit an existing interview time slot.

Click on Edit for an existing interview time slot opens the Edit Time Slot modal. Once the student is registered for the event, they will appear in the ‘Student’ drop down so you can add them to the interview time slot.

After you add the student to one or more interview time slots, they will appear on the Student Schedules table.

The student will be able to review their time slots and accept interviews (i.e. upload their required documents, etc.).

Please reference our Late Registrations FAQ for most frequently asked questions about the late registration experience.

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