Preview Program Setup, Step 1: Event Details

For University Admins, the first step in setting up your preview program event.

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This is the first article in our Preview Program collection for University Admins. In a Preview Program, you will use Flo Recruit's Interview Scheduling platform to create an event and use it up until interviews are hosted. You will not proceed with hosting interviews. However, using our program allows you to invite employers, employers to post jobs, students to apply to these jobs, employers to either invite or not invite them to interview, and students to respond to these decisions.

Note: If you will be using Flo Recruit to set up a document collect only event or a regular interview scheduling event, please navigate to this article instead. This article is for preview program events only.

To get started, click on Add Event:

Next, click Interview Programs and then the Create Event button:

Then select Pre-Select Interview Scheduling and then the Create Event button again:

Event Details

On the first page, you will be asked to fill out your event details:

Event Name: This is customizable. It is recommended that you include the school's name.

Employer Event Description: This is an optional description field that will be visible to the employers.

Student Event Description: This is an optional description field that will be visible to the students.

Event Organizer: This person will be the main point of contact for the event. If you do not see who you are looking for in the drop-down, you must first add them on the Admins page.

Event Tags: Using tags is a great way to help keep your Events page organized.

Once you fill out the required items, Event Name and Event Organizer, you may proceed to step 2: building out the schedule.

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