Preview Program Setup, Step 2: Building Your Schedule

For University admins, creating a schedule for your preview program.

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Typically for a preview program, you will not host interviews, and will stop in your event timeline before this happens. Thus, you may not think you need a schedule. However, this is a required part of your event setup and will still need to be completed. We recommend placing the time block(s) far in the future for this event. You need only create a single time block if you wish.

In the last article, we learned how to navigate to an Interview Scheduling event and fill out the basic Event Details. In this article, we will cover how to build a schedule. Note that this step pertains to the basic structure of when your theoretical interviews will be taking place. Again, you will not be hosting these interviews. However, you need to still create at least one time block. Deciding when employers and students will be able to view various components of the event will come later, in step 3.

Once you get to step 2, the Schedule page, you will see the following screen. Click on +Add Time Block to begin building out the schedule:

In this example, let's pick an all day session on October 1st. Again, you will not be hosting interviews at this time, this is a theoretical date.

After selecting the start and end time of your event, you will choose interview length, which dictates how many interviews will occur. This is calculated based on your start and end time, as well as the interview length. This is how you will decide how many students each employer is able to select to interview, per job. You can adjust the amount of interviews by changing the interview length, or the start and end time until you have enough slots. The following screenshot shows how many interviews/students each employer will have per schedule, based on a 9-5 start and end time, and a 10 minute interview length. The maximum amount of interviews you are able to host with one time block is 72 interviews. If you need each employer to have the ability to invite more than 72 students to interview, please chat into our help center and we will help you accomplish this.

If we were to make the interviews longer, less interviews would be possible:

You will notice the option to include breaks, however, since you'll not be hosting interviews, you can ignore this section.

Once you select Create Time Block, the schedule will display:

If needed, you could edit this time block to include fewer or more interviews by changing the interview length or the start and end time.

Once this structure is in place, you may proceed with the next step: the Event Timeline.

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