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Candidate Review - For Admins
Candidate Review - For Admins

How to create and edit candidate review, including voting!

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Candidate Review makes it possible for you to more easily gather, customize, and share a candidate's documents, evaluations, and interview schedules.

Sharing candidate materials with Hiring Committees, practice group leads, and other stakeholders during reviews requires a lot of file sharing. You may have used Flo Recruit's Bulk PDF Download to generate packets of documents for this. Now, there's a streamlined, digital option that shares live-updated documents and evaluations via a link, instead of a download!

This feature is included with the Applicant Tracking System. If interested in upgrading to the ATS or purchasing Candidate Review as its own separate add-on, please contact your Account Manager.

To use this helpful tool, first click on the Candidate Review icon:

From here, you will be shown a list of all of the candidate reviews that you have created. Initially, of course, this will be blank:

To create a candidate review, click on the + New Candidate Review button in the top right corner:

This will prompt you to title the review, as well as designate which interviews you wish to include. In this first step, you can also choose whether or not you'd like to allow members to vast votes on candidates:

You can set a time period in which to allow voting. You have the option to leave this completely blank, or only fill out certain sections. If left completely blank, members will be able to vote at any time once they receive a link to the review packet. You can add a start date if you'd like the members to begin voting at a certain time. You can also add an end date if you'd like the voting to cease at a certain time.

Once done with this step, click Select Candidates:

From here, you will see a list of all candidates from the interviews that you selected on the previous menu. You may select one, some, or all from the list:

If you notice that you forgot to add one of your interview events, you can always click on Previous to be taken back to the previous menu:

Once you have selected all candidates that you wish to include, click on Select Review Information:

There are four sections that you can include: Documents, Evaluations, and Interview Schedules, and Additional Information. If you do not want to include one of these sections, simply switch the Enabled toggle to off:

Within the Documents section, you can decide not only which documents you wish to include, but also the order that you wish to see them in:

The evaluations section includes all evaluation questions from the chosen interview. You can choose which questions to include and whether they are sorted by the question or the evaluator's name:

The Additional Information section allows you to include qualifying questions and or internal fields! You can select the specific questions and fields to include, and order them in the way you'd like:

You may also reorder each of these main sections, as desired.

Once done with your customizations, click on Finalize Candidate Review:

You will be prompted to either view this review or return to the Reviews List:

While viewing a specific review, there are a number of actions that you can perform. One is viewing the list of candidates. If voting has been enabled, you will be able to see an overview of votes from the candidate review's main page:

You have the ability to edit candidate reviews after they are created. To do so, select "Edit Review Items":

This will open up a modal where you can edit the candidate review. First, you can change the title or add or remove interviews from the candidate review:

If you choose to remove an interview that has already been added to the review, you will receive this popup letting you know that the candidates from this interview will be removed:

After selecting Next or Confirm, you will be able to edit the candidates that this review will contain:

Lastly, you can edit the order of candidate materials before selecting "Finalize Candidate Review":

You also have the ability to delete the review, if no longer needed:

You can also add or remove candidates by clicking on the Edit Candidates button and either selecting or deselecting:

To view a particular candidate's review packet, click on their name:

From here, you will see everything organized according to your customizations. Below, you will see screenshot examples of what each of these sections might look like:

You can choose to hide or view each of these sections, as needed:

You can also scroll through the next candidates in the list:

If voting has been turned on, you can also view the individual votes cast by each member, as well as the comments that have been left by each member:

Note that once the member has left a vote or comment, admins can edit this information. However, this is only possible once the member has left a vote or comment and not before.

To share this review, click on the Copy Review Packet Link button:

You can also find this from the main Reviews List:

If you open this link and you are an admin, you will be prompted to login if you are not already. If this is being shared with a non-admin member, know that they will need to be added to the Members list of the account first in order to get access. They do not need to be made an admin, but they do need to be in the system in order to be authenticated.

Last, but not least, note that you can sort your reviews from the Reviews List based on the arrows next to each column:

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