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How to Get Rid of Background Noise (Students/Candidates)
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For interviewers and job seekers alike, avoiding distracting background noise is essential for communication, concentration, and confidence.

Thanks to Daily's collaboration with Krisp, you can easily cancel out background noise! Daily is Flo Recruit's built-in video conferencing app. Krisp is the world’s leading AI-powered Voice Productivity solution. Krisp's advanced noise cancellation technology uses AI to eliminate background noise, making it easier for users to have clear conversations.

To use this feature, click the Join Virtual Room button from your schedule email.

In your meeting room click the Join Meeting button (this appears two minutes before start time).

You will then see a preview of your camera. Click the down caret arrow to the right of the microphone and then Click reduce mic noise.

To learn more, check out THIS article by Daily.

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