Student Guide to Uploading Custom Documents
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1. Join your virtual room 👋

After receiving your Schedule Email from your school, click Join Virtual Room to begin uploading your documents. Please try to upload your documents as soon as you get your schedule email, in order for employers to access those documents.

2. Customize documents per employer 📄

Select a document to begin uploading. You can upload the same file for all employers or customize it for each employer. It is up to you to customize what you give to each employer. You can delete or replace any uploaded file by selecting the box to the left of the employer’s name.

3. Upload your documents 📎

Once you’ve finished, you’ll see a success message at the bottom of the modal. Click Go Back in the top left and repeat the process for each document type. Your school will control which documents you upload and when employers can access these documents (i.e. immediately, at the start of the interview, etc.).

When uploading these documents, make sure you are not uploading them as password protected documents! This will ensure that interviewers will be able to access them.

4. All documents uploaded ✅

Once you’ve uploaded all of your documents, Congrats, you are finished! Click the X in the top right to exit the upload modal. Remember, you can select the Modify Documents button on the top left of your screen at any time to make any changes to your uploaded documents.

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