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How to Host 1 on 1 or Small Group Events with Flo Recruit: Virtual Chats
How to Host 1 on 1 or Small Group Events with Flo Recruit: Virtual Chats

Detailed instructions for how to host virtual chats to increase personal connection between candidates and employees.

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Virtual chats are a great way to network with candidates in small groups or in a 1:1 setting! These can be used as a more structured networking event where students can either sign up on their own for time slots, or you can assign them yourself! Let's get started✨

Step 1: Add Event

From the Events page in your account, select the Add Event button in the top righthand corner. Next, select Outreach event and click the Create Event button. Finally, select the Virtual Chats option, and click Create Event.

Step 2: Enter in Basic Event Details

Give your event a name (e.g. Office Hours, Coffee Chats, Mock Interviews etc.), add some tags to it to stay organized, and add a description. Also, choose an event organizer. This person will be the main contact person for the event. If this event is only open to students from one law school, you have the ability to select "Yes" under Law School Event. This will autofill all registrant's profiles with the same law school.

Step 3: Create your Schedules

Create your Virtual Chats schedules by adding member availability. After you've added member availability, you'll be able to add candidates directly to the timeslot or they can sign up for slots if you choose to allow candidates to register for timeslots themselves (recommended).

  • Select "+New Session" and select a member (or multiple) to host this session

    • If your member is not available in the dropdown, click the "+Add Member" button and enter their details

  • Add the member's availability below by clicking "Add a Timeslot"

  • Add the start, end time, and date to the timeslot

  • Set the number of Candidates per session to control the capacity of the timeslot.

  • Choose Auto if you'd like Flo Recruit to autogenerate a video conferencing link

    • If you would like to add your own link and host this chat outside of Flo Recruit, choose "Custom" and paste the link in

  • Click "Add Candidate" if you'd like to assign a candidate directly to the timeslot.

  • Click "Create" when you're finished! You just created your first timeslot.

Continue to add member availability for as many timeslots as you'd like to have available for which candidates can register.

Note: When creating your schedules, you'll see options for Open Registration or Invite Only in the top right corner. If you choose Open Registration, any candidates who register for your event will be able to register and select any available time. If you choose Invite Only, only candidates who are approved by an admin will receive access to schedule a time to meet with a member of your team.

Step 4: Qualifying Questions

Next, you can add up to 8 qualifying questions. These will be presented to candidates during registration for them to answer. If you wish to create new qualifying questions or edit existing ones, you can select the "Edit Qualifying Questions" pop out. This will open your qualifying question settings in a new tab. You can also edit this setting from your settings page.

Click and drag the 4 dots to the left of the questions to reorder them!

Step 5: Documents

The Documents section allows you to select which documents (if any) you would like to request from students. You can request multiple documents from students and have the ability to make these optional or required. You can choose whether or not these documents will be available to all members that have been added to your Flo Recruit account, or admins only. These documents will be available to members as soon as they are uploaded by students. Members can view these from their feedback link.

Step 6: Feedback

Flo Recruit offers the ability to collect feedback on event attendees from your members. This is optional and allows you to decide if you want to collect feedback through Flo Recruit or via some other method.

If you use feedback collection in Flo, you will be able to select which questions members can answer as well as if the question is optional or required. You can also turn on member feedback reminder emails! If these are on, Flo Recruit will send automated emails to members to remind them to enter their feedback. The reminder emails go out an hour before the start of the event, and then 30 minutes and 24 hours after the event.

Step 7: Editing Emails and Cal Invites

Now, your last step is to review the automated emails and customize them. In Flo Recruit, you can automate a number of emails to candidates and to members. Click "Preview" next to the email to see what the email looks like when it lands in inboxes.

Step 8: Click Create Event and Invite Attendees

You're done with setup! Now it's time to invite candidates to your event. Like we noted earlier, you can either allow students to sign up for time slots on their own by using the registration link, or you can manually add them. If you wish to manually add candidates, you can click "Edit Event" and add candidates to individual time slots by selecting them and clicking "Edit Candidates". This will open a popup with candidates from your account that have attended past events with you. If you would like to add a candidate that is not in this list, you can select the + sign and enter their information there.

To allow candidates to register for this event and select time slots on their own, you will need to copy the Registration link and send manually outside of Flo Recruit.

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