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For University Admins looking to export student information or documents.

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Looking to grab a list of student emails from a specific event? Or perhaps an export of all of their resumes? You're in the right place! These exports are available to all of our University customers - no matter your package. Let's get started!

From your account, navigate to your students page:

If you'd like to filter by a specific event, you can do so by selecting the "Events" button at the top of your page, and then selecting your event from the righthand menu:

This will pull up a list of all of the students that are part of this event. You can also search for and select individual students if you wish to do so.

Once these students are pulled up, you can select them individually using the checkbox to the left of their names, or use the top check box to select them all:

Once you select at least one student, the Export Options dropdown becomes clickable. From here, you have multiple different export options that you can choose from:

If you're looking to export a list of student names and emails, the "Export Selected Students (.csv)" is the best way to go! This will pull a .csv file of all student names and emails:

This way, you can copy emails in bulk if you need.

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