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ATS: Creating, Editing, and Using Application Questions
ATS: Creating, Editing, and Using Application Questions

How to navigate your application questions

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Part of setting up and maintaining your Applicant Tracking System in Flo Recruit is creating your custom application questions! These questions can be added to your job applications for candidates to complete. To access these questions, navigate to your settings page. Then, select "Application Questions" under the Job Settings section:

Here, you'll be able to view, create, edit, and delete your application questions.

Creating and Editing Questions

To create a new question, select the "Create New Question" button in the top lefthand corner:

This will open up a new, fully editable question:

The first section is where you will enter the question. This text will be displayed to candidates. The section below is the description. This is not required to fill out, and will not be shown to candidates.

The dropdown allows you to select which type of question this will be. You have the ability to make this into a single select question, multi-select question, date, a free text answer, or a numerical answer.

If you choose single or multi-select, you will then have the ability to add answers. Select the "+" button to add answer choices, and then type in the box to create an answer choice:

Continue selecting the "+" button to add further answer choices until you are done. When you have finished creating your question, press "Save" to add this to your question bank.

To edit existing questions, select the pencil icon next to the question you wish to edit:

This will allow you to change the name, description, question type, and answer choices.

Using Questions in your Job Applications

To add application questions to your jobs, navigate to the job you wish to add the question to and select "Edit Job":

Navigate to step 2, the application, and scroll to the bottom. Select "+ Add Custom Questions Section" to add your custom application questions:

This will open up the custom questions section. This section title can be renamed, and you have the ability to add a description for this section if you'd like. Select "Add Question" to choose a question from your bank, or select "Edit Custom Questions" to edit questions from your settings page:

Once you select "Add Question", you can choose your preferred question from the dropdown:

You have the ability to make this question required if you wish. If this is a multi or single-select question, you can also choose which answer choices to include. For example, if my custom question asks candidates to choose their preferred practice area, and this specific job only offers corporate and litigation, I can de-select the other answer choices so that candidates have to choose between only corporate and litigation. Once you have made all of the edits you need to, click "Finish Selection" to save your preferences.

Add more questions by selecting "Add Question". Once you have added more than one, you have the ability to reorder questions by clicking and dragging the 6 dots to the left of each question:

This is how these questions will appear to candidates during their application:

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