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Lottery: Student Bidding

How to bid on jobs as a student attending a Lottery event on Flo Recruit!

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Once you have registered for your event, you will receive an email from the hosting organization once bidding is open. Additionally, if the school has elected to hold a review period, you will be able to view posted jobs before bidding on them by following the link in your confirmation email or viewing them directly after registering. If the review period or bidding period has begun, your event page will appear like this:

View information on each job by selecting the view details button:

This will open a popup where you can read more information about the position, as well as upload any requested documents. Note, you cannot upload documents until bidding has opened.

Note that you do not have to upload these documents at this time, you have the ability to upload them after you have added the job to your bids, after you have submitted these rankings, and again after the lottery has been run. There is no deadline in which you will no longer be able to make these changes!

Select "Upload File" to upload your documents now. After doing so, you can select "Replace" if you need to make any changes to your upload.

When you are ready to place bids on jobs, select the "Add to Bids" button:

If the job has more than one office location or practice area listed, this will open a small pop-up where you'll need to submit your preferences. You need to add at least your first choice for your practice area and office location:

After your first choice, you can add additional choices if you wish. Once you are done, you can select "Save and Add to Bids".

You can also edit these preferences in bulk by selecting "Edit Preferences":

This will open another pop-up where you can edit preferences for each job that has been added to your bids:

You'll notice that jobs will auto-populate on the left side of the screen in the order which you added them to your bids. You can change this order using the arrows above and below each number:

You can edit your bid rankings up until the submission deadline. This deadline will appear at the top of your screen, in blue:

If the hosting organization has imposed a limit on the number of bids you can place, this limit will appear above your bids:

Once you have reached this limit, ordered your bids, and feel ready to submit them, select the "Submit Rankings" button in the top righthand corner. This will open a small popup, asking if you are sure you are ready to submit the rankings. Here, you can select "Submit to School" again.

Once you submit these rankings, your page will change to this view:

You can select "Edit Rankings" if you wish to make any changes to your order of bids and "Edit Preferences" if you wish to change your preferences. You can also view other jobs that you did not place bids on by selecting "Other Jobs":

Once the lottery is run, you will be able to view your matches and schedule from the "My Schedule" tab. Until then, you are all set! You can still change your rankings, upload or change documents, and edit your conflicts and personal information.

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