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Lottery: Student Registration and Conflict Scheduling
Lottery: Student Registration and Conflict Scheduling

How to register to attend a Lottery Interview Scheduling event and add conflicts!

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Accessing the Event

Welcome to Interview Scheduling in Flo! As a student, you will need to be invited via a registration link. You will likely receive this link via email.

Once you have this link, you will be required to complete an email verification step. Enter your email on this screen:

If you are unable to do so, registration has not yet opened and you will need to wait to register for this event. You will then receive the following message, as well an email with a link to continue with registration:

After you click on the email verification link, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself. The required fields are first name, last name, class year, and graduation year. Note that your email will already be populated from the email verification step. Aside from the email address, you will be able to update this information later, if needed:

For Class Year, keep in mind that, if you recently finished your first year, you are now a rising 2L.

This will be important later on as you will only be able to view job postings that are relevant to your particular class year.

The Event Page

Once you submit this information, you will be taken to the page below. If the review period is open, you will see the following popup. This means that the University has elected to allow you a period of time to review posted jobs before bidding on them. If you do not see this popup and have the ability to bid on jobs, that means the bidding period has opened. In another article we will cover bidding!

At the top of your event page, you have three view options. Employer Jobs, My Information, and Scheduled Conflicts. The Employer Jobs tab will allow you to view and bid on posted jobs. Under the My Information tab, you have the ability to edit your personal information, excluding your email. By clicking on Schedule Conflicts, you can add conflicts into your schedule.

Scheduling Conflicts

With Flo Recruit's preselect events, you have the ability to indicate when you have a conflict in your schedule so that no interviews are scheduled during that time.

Once this is done, you will be able to see a tab for Schedule Conflicts:

After selecting this tab and clicking the "Edit Conflicts" button, you are able to add conflicts or change the start and end time of existing conflicts:

NOTE: It is best practice to do this as soon as possible. Once the initial schedule is created, you are more limited in your ability to indicate a conflict.

Expanding on this, if the conflict you've added interferes with a scheduled interview, you will receive a pop-up informing you to contact the university:

You may find the contact information for the university or organization's main event organizer at the bottom of any emails that you may have received through Flo Recruit.

If you have any issues, click on the blue help chat icon so that a member of our team can assist you.

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