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Flo Recruit Forward FAQ
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What is Flo Recruit Forward?

Flo Recruit Forward is a destination for law students to navigate their BigLaw careers more efficiently. It is a free student resource that aggregates the open 1L summer opportunities while also centralizing student job applications, recruiting events, and interview schedules. Forward will also allow students to manage their recruiting calendars, research law firms, and if you are a Flo Recruit Law School Partner, the students' campus interview programs will be integrated into the student portal.

How can Flo Recruit Forward partner with Law Schools?

We value our relationships with Law Schools. We aim to provide our clients and non-client Career Services Offices with a platform to help their students find successful career opportunities and make the interview process more structured and organized. We can work together on best practices for students to search, research, apply, and interview for these top opportunities on Flo Recruit Forward. We are committed to working closely with Career Services Offices to help you leverage Forward as a key resource available to your students.

Is Forward available to students at all schools or only Flo Recruit partners?

Forward is a resource available to all students across law schools. We do not limit this resource to Flo Recruit partners only. However, Flo Recruit partner students do receive additional benefits, including integration with their campus interviews and events.

Where are you sourcing the 1L job opportunities from?

The 1L job opportunities listed on Flo Recruit Forward are sourced directly from public job listings on law firm websites. The current focus is 1L jobs at law firms with over 100 attorneys in the US market. Over time, we expect to broaden the range of opportunities included. Flo Recruit Forward's goal is to centralize and simplify the recruitment process for law students, helping them navigate and track their career exploration, networking, application, and interview processes in one place.

Are you hosting jobs from all law firms or just Flo Recruit law firm partners?

We are hosting jobs from all law firms, not limiting it to solely Flo Recruit’s law firm partners. However, if a law firm has applicant tracking with Flo Recruit, students have the ability to apply through a “quick apply” link rather than being directed to the firm’s website.

Are only law firm jobs hosted on Forward, or are there other types of employers, such as in-house JD Advantage or public interest?

Currently, we are exclusively focused on law firm opportunities. As Forward develops, we will collaborate with law schools to assess the possibility of including non-firm job opportunities for students on Forward.

How often are you sourcing and updating the job listings?

We will be monitoring job postings and updating the listings on a regular basis.

Are you collecting data on our students?

To access the Flo Recruit job listings, students are required to create a profile so that we can feature opportunities targeted to their areas of interest. We ask students to provide an e-mail, phone number, class year, preferred practice areas, preferred office locations, GPA, and optional demographic data. We do not share this un-anonymized information with anyone.

The goal of collecting this information is to better understand behavior across demographics. We believe there may be opportunities in the future to help schools and employers better understand how activity and interests differ by students’ interests and demographic information. Additionally, we hope to provide some high level information to schools on how many of your students have accounts.

How do we keep data secure?

Flo Recruit is SOC-2 Type II audited. We take our security responsibility very seriously. More information on our security practices can be found here:

Will you be sharing our student data?

While specific candidate data revealing the identity of the student, such as name and email, will not be shared, we reserve the right to report out on generalized, anonymized data, including preferred practice areas, preferred office locations, GPA, and demographic information, with law schools and law firms in the industry. This can be done to highlight the types of students who are viewing specific job listings or firm profiles.

Will you be offering a Flo Recruit Forward school information session and site demo?

Yes! We plan to host a webinar before the start of the December 1st 1L season. We will send invitations directly to schools. If you have any specific questions you'd like to address before then, we welcome your outreach.

Can I make an account as a school?

Absolutely! If you’d like to browse around, feel free to create a ‘Candidate’ account. We’d love to hear your feedback.

If I’m a Flo Recruit Law School client, does this change the way I or my students use the products to which we subscribe?

There are no changes to how students can access the platforms to which you as a law school already subscribe. In other words, accounts are not required for students who want to use Flo Recruit to participate in Events or Interviews. However, if a student would like to access Flo Recruit Forward, which is our newly launched product featuring the 1L job board, we do require them to create a profile so that we can highlight opportunities targeted to their areas of interest. We ask students to provide an e-mail, phone number, class year, preferred practice areas, preferred office locations, GPA, and optional demographic data. We do not share this un-anonymized information with anyone.

If a student does choose to create an account on Forward, the Forward account also enables them to manage their activity on Flo Recruit more efficiently.

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