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How to navigate creating and applying internal fields

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Our newest product release includes the option to create and use Internal Fields! These fields can be enabled on job applications and candidate profiles and are only visible to members and admins - they will not be visible to candidates. Use these fields to give your team more information about your candidates and their selection process!

Internal fields are located under the Organization Settings section of your settings page:

Here, you can create, edit, archive, and reorder any internal fields

Create a new field by selecting "Create Field". The field type drop-down allows you to choose between free text, date, numerical, monetary amount, single select, multi-select, or yes/no. You can also choose for this field to appear on the candidate's profile, job application, or both! Until it is enabled via the toggles, it will not be active or visible.

You can change the order that internal fields appear in candidate profiles and on the jobs page by selecting "Reorder Fields":

Click and drag the 4 dots to the left of the field title to reorder:

Once you are finished, select "Save Order" to finalize the order:

Now, lets take a look at how to edit internal fields on a candidate-by-candidate basis. The GPA field has been enabled on both the candidate's profile and job application.

From within the candidate's profile, internal fields are located in a drop-down below the candidate's name.

Opening this dropdown allows you to view any of the enabled internal fields. Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to edit them.

From within the job page, clicking on individual candidates opens a righthand slide-out that includes internal fields:

You can edit these here by selecting the pencil icon!

Selecting the column tool when viewing your job allows you to include any internal fields as one of the columns.

Once selected, you can sort and filter candidates by these fields. The arrows to the right of the GPA example will sort candidates in ascending or descending order.

You also have the ability to create a filter to see only candidates that fit certain criteria in these fields. For example, if I only want to see candidates who have a GPA above 3, I can add this filter:

To export this information, you can utilize the "Export Table" option available on both the Candidates and job page:

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