Interview Scheduling: Manual Emails

Wondering which emails in your Interview Scheduling event need to be sent manually? You're in the right place!

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Your interview scheduling event includes a multitude of emails, this article outlines which emails need to be sent manually. Any other email will send automatically through Flo according to the timeline of your event!

Employer Emails

Employer Registration Reminder Email

This email reminds employers to register for your event and is the first email in the timeline with the option to send manually.

Send this email by navigating to the Employer Invitations Page, selecting the employer you wish to send the email to, and selecting "Employer Registration Reminder" from the Send Email dropdown:

Interviewer Information Request Email

This email serves to ask employers to input their interviewer information into their schedules. Lots of employers may not know the names of the members that will be conducting interviews at the time of event registration. Thus, you can use this email to ask them to input that information!

Send this email by navigating to the Employer Schedules page, selecting the employers you'd like to send this email to, and selecting "Send Interviewer Information Request" from the Send Email dropdown:

Schedule Assignment Email

This email can be sent once schedule assignments are finalized, telling employers the time block they have been assigned.

Steps to send this email are covered in the article "University Admins: Reviewing, Approving, and Assigning Employer Schedules".

Final Schedule

This email containing the link to the finalized event schedule can be sent automatically or manually. You can select this option separately for both the students and employers.

This setup means the email needs to be sent manually. Note how the "When" option has "Send manually later" selected:

Send this from the same "Send Email" dropdown list on the student and employer schedule page

Student Emails

Aside from the optional final schedule email, the only email that needs to be manually sent to students is the Application Deadline Reminder Email. You can choose to only send this to a selected group of students, or all students in the event.

Send by navigating to the Student Schedules page, selecting the students you wish to send this email to, or select all students by clicking the top check box, and selecting "Send Application Deadline Reminder Email" from the send email dropdown:

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