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Interview Scheduling - Employers: How to Update Interviewer Information
Interview Scheduling - Employers: How to Update Interviewer Information
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You may receive an email from the school or organization requesting that you fill out the interviewer information. You may click on the link in this email or login to your Flo Recruit account as normal:

From your account's Events page, click on the specific event:

Next, click on View Job:

The Schedule Settings section will be listed towards the middle of the page. Click Edit:

You may choose from the drop-down menu:

If you need to add someone who is not currently in this list, click on the plus sign to the right:

You will then be prompted to fill out this interviewer's information. Note that most fields are optional, except for those with a red asterisk:

To add an additional interviewer, click on the + Add Interviewer button:

If you already added someone and you'd like to go back to input additional details, such as Office Location, Practice Area, or Law School, navigate to the Members page:

From this page, click on the team member's name:

This will open a slide-out panel where you can adjust the team member's details through the pencil icon:

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