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University Admins: OCI Frequently Asked Questions
University Admins: OCI Frequently Asked Questions
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Can interviewers share meeting links?

Yes, but know that the best practice is to add each interviewer to the room so that they receive their own, individual link. If they join on someone else’s link, their name will appear as that person’s, unless they change their display name from within the meeting room. Only the original person will appear as active on the Live Dashboard.

What do I do if an interviewer changes?

You can update the name! Just go to Edit Event > scroll to the Schedules section > hover over the three dots next to the original interviewer’s name > click Edit Interviews > Edit > enter the new name > save changes.

What do I do if a student cancels?

You can remove the student and even replace them with someone else. Just go to Edit Event > scroll to the Schedules section > click into the specific interview > click Edit Students > uncheck the current student and, if applicable, check the replacement student > save changes.

Will interviewers and students be notified of any changes I make to the schedule?

Yes, but only if you select one of the automatic settings for the emails and if that time frame has passed. For example, if the emails are set to go out 24 hours in advance and it is less than 24 hours out, attendees will receive automated updates. Changes will be clearly indicated in red text.

What do I do if an employer wants to use their own meeting link?

You can insert it directly into the schedule. If you have not uploaded your .csv yet, simply paste only the join link into the “Virtual Interviews Information” column. For employers using the automated links, leave this blank. If you have already uploaded the schedule, go to Edit Event > scroll to the Schedules section > click into the specific interview > under Video Link, click on Custom > paste in the join link* > save changes.

*Note: if you do not complete this step, the link will be broken.

I’m having issues with importing my Symplicity/12Twenty OCI schedule, what do I do?

Flo Recruit will typically tell you which specific lines have an error and what you need to fix. The most common issues are incorrect headers, formatting, or conflicting interview times. Share your spreadsheet as an attachment in the help chat and we will be happy to take a closer look!

How do I share our school’s OCI event with employers?

Once you upload your spreadsheet and save changes, you will automatically receive a prompt to share your event with employers who are also Flo customers. If you need to bring this prompt up again, look for and click on the words “Not Synced” next to the Schedules section on the event summary page.

Is there a way for me to know if interviews are running smoothly?

Yes! Click Live Dashboard on the event summary page to get an eagle eye view of all interviews in real time. This is a great tool to assess that everyone is in the right place at the right time. You can even join any room as a guest.

Do I need to know all the interviewers’ names prior to uploading?

While it is highly recommended to wait until your spreadsheet is as complete as possible, you can temporarily enter information such as “TBD” for the interviewer’s name or repeat the recruiter’s information. Use the help chat for more in depth assistance with this scenario.

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