Interviewers: OCI Frequently Asked Questions
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My camera or microphone is not working.

For immediate assistance, use the blue in-app chat in the bottom left corner of the screen. Typically, you will want to ensure that the correct device is selected for both your camera and microphone. You can check this by clicking on the down caret next to each icon. Other possibilities are needing to allow permissions for your browser and device. You also need to disable your VPN, if applicable, and close out any other video conferencing apps.

How do I access my meeting?

You will be sent an email with your schedule and both a link and button to join your meeting. You will not need to create a login. You will only be able to join 2 minutes prior to the start of your meeting. Make sure to note the timezone that the interview will take place in as well.

Can I see who else the candidate is meeting with?

You would only be able to see this information if your firm is the one hosting the event. To do so, navigate to your meeting room via the link or button in your schedule email. Click “View Candidate Profile” from the schedule that appears on the side. Next to “Profile” you will see a tab labeled “Schedule.” There will also be a link in your email.

Do I need to let students/candidates in from a waiting room?

No, you do not! Each link is unique so students/candidates will only be able to join the meeting at their scheduled interview time.

How do I access the candidates’ documents?

You can access documents from within the meeting room or via the bulk document download link, if applicable. From within the meeting room, simply click on “View Candidate Profile” from the schedule that appears on the side. From here, you can download documents as needed. Note that the timing and visibility of these items will depend on the specifications of the event organizer.

When can I access the candidates’ documents?

This will depend on the event organizer. You may reach out to them for further questions by referencing the email address listed at the bottom of your schedule email.

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