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Employer Admins: OCI Frequently Asked Questions
Employer Admins: OCI Frequently Asked Questions
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Do interviewers need a Flo Recruit account?

Not at all! They will have all they need from their schedule email.

What do I do if I need to switch out an interviewer?

It is best practice to let the school contact know of the change. They will be able to update the name(s) on the schedule. If this is for your own interview event, simply go to Edit Schedules > click on the affected timeblock > click into the specific timeslot > click the X next to the current interviewer’s name > type in the name of the new interviewer and select them from the drop-down OR add a new member > save changes.

Can multiple interviewers be in one room?

Yes! Communicate this to the school contact as needed. For your own interview events, simply add additional members to the timeslot through the Schedule Creator page.

What if we want to use our own video conferencing app such as Zoom or Teams?

You can provide the school contact with your personal meeting link. They will be able to input it into the schedule so that the students will easily be able to click on where they need to go. For your own interview events, switch the timeslot “Video Link” to custom and paste the join link here. Note that if you switch over to custom, but do not paste in the link, participants will not be able to join properly.

Can interviewers share meeting links?

Yes, but know that the best practice is to communicate all names to the school contact. If for your own interview event, add the interviewer to the timeslot. They will then receive their own, individual link. Thus, if they join on someone else’s link, their name will appear as that person’s, unless they change their display name from within the meeting room.

How do I input feedback on behalf of an interviewer?

You can manually copy the interviewer’s feedback link and enter information on their behalf. Just go to the particular event > look under the Schedules section > search for the interviewer in the Members section > hover over the three dots next to the interviewer’s name > click Copy feedback link > paste this into a new tab and enter the feedback.

How long are links active?

Links will expire after 21 days.

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