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Work Allocation: Associate Overview
Work Allocation: Associate Overview
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Accessing the Portal

As an associate, you will first need to be added to the program and assigned matters by the Program Owner. This user will then send you the link to your portal.

From this link, you will need to verify your email:

Once you enter your email, you will be sent a message with a new link to click on. From here, you can view all matters that you have been assigned:

Note that the button to the far right of the search field is a column management tool, which allows you to customize your view:

Viewing and Managing Matters

You will receive a notification whenever you are assigned a new matter. Here is an example of what this will look like:

To view the details of a matter within your portal, first click on its name:

Here is a preview of what you will see:

On the side, you will be able to review the Matter Information:

In the top right hand corner, you will be able to edit this information to add more detail on behalf of the attorney, as needed:

You can also see if there are any other associates assigned to this matter as well:

If applicable, you will be able to upload documents relevant to this matter. Note that these will need to be in PDF file format:

Once you click on the Upload Document button, you will be able to customize the display name:

Note that you will still want to name the file itself appropriately as this is what the Program Owner will see should they download the document from their end. If needed, you may delete this document:

As long as you have at least one document selected, you can also download or delete in bulk:

To document your progress, you can update the status of this matter:

Note that as soon as you mark a matter as complete, the attorney may receive a notification to leave an evaluation for you.

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