Interview Scheduling: Launching the Scheduler
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Launch Scheduler

Once employer and student decisions have been finalized, you will be able to launch the scheduler. Note that you can still make changes later.

Navigate to the Event Schedule tab and click Launch Scheduler. Depending on the scale of the event, this may take a moment:

Now you will be able to view both the employer and student schedules:

Editing Schedules

To make changes, click on Edit Schedule in the top right corner while still in the Event Schedule tab:

Select a specific employer or student and several options will be available:

One of these is to be able to Compare Schedule. This can be done with either a student or employer's schedule:

You can compare up to three schedules at once:

To remove a schedule from the comparison view, click the three dots and select Clear:

If you wish to remove something from a schedule while in this view, select the timeslot to be removed, click on the three dots, and click Remove Student or, in the case of an employer, Delete Timeslot:

Note that you are also able to Add a Timeslot to the employer's schedule.

To exit out of the comparison view, click Close Comparison in the top right corner:

Note that you can Add Timeslots to an employer schedule outside of the comparison view as well:

At minimum, you will need to indicate the start and end time, as well as the interviewer in order to create this new timeslot:

As long as you have one timeslot selected, you option to delete becomes enabled:

You can also edit an individual timeslot:

From here, you can change the start and end time, student, interviewer(s), or add a custom video link:

Note that if you wanted to swap out a different student who was already assigned, you would need to remove this student from their current schedule first:

Final Schedule Emails

Recall that you can set the final schedule email to go out automatically. If you selected manually send later or in case you would just like to manually send as well, you will be able to do so by clicking on Email Event Schedules from within the Event Schedule tab:

Note that you can send to all students, all employer, or all attendees at a time.

Even when you click Email Schedule, you will still be asked to confirm if this is the action you wish to take first:

If you are looking at a particular employer, you can also just manually send the schedule to that specific person:

Note that you can email it to the employer contact(s), another person, or even copy the video chat link for the interviewer(s).

For the student, you can do the same, except for copying the video chat link:

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