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Interview Scheduling: Monitoring Decisions
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Note that you will be able to check to see when employers have submitted their decisions on student applications. To do so, look under Attendee Information, then Employer Schedules, and Application Selection:

You can also see this under the Student Applications and looking under Invitation Status. Right next to this, you can view the students' response, if it has been submitted:

Note that, if needed, you may respond on behalf of the employer. This may come in handy in case the employer decision deadline has passed.

Under Employer Schedules, click on the hyperlink next to the Application Selection:

From here, you can easily change statuses:

Just like with employers, you have the ability to respond on behalf of the student.

Under Student Applications, click on the hyperlink next to the Application Status:

You can then easily accept or decline:

If you clicked accept by mistake or need to change it later, you can also change to decline, or vice versa:

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