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Reviewing, Approving, and Assigning Employer Schedules
Reviewing, Approving, and Assigning Employer Schedules
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Reviewing and Approving

Once employers have submitted their schedules/job postings, you will be able to review them from the Employer Schedules tab:

Before students are able to review or submit applications for this schedule, you will need to view and approve it:

Note that, as an admin, you are able to edit any of this information as well:

At the bottom, you have the option to input additional information for students about this particular schedule:

If you need to come back to the schedule later, you can always set its status to In Review:

Here is what this will look like from the employer's perspective:

When you are ready to approve, you can switch the status over:

While this will not necessarily trigger an email or notification to the employer, they will be able to see it on their end. Once students are able to review or apply for jobs, this listing will now be available to them.

Assigning to a Time Block

Now that the schedule is approved, you will need to assign this employer to a time block in order for them to submit their decisions on student applications.

To do so, first click on the Time Block Assignments tab:

Next, click on Edit Assignments:

Check the employer(s) that you wish to assign:

Click Assign Schedules:

Select a time block and click Assign:

You will receive a green notification confirming that you performed this action successfully and the status will switch over to Assigned:

Note that you can always assign them to a different time block or unassign them altogether:

Notifying Employers

To notify employers of their assigned time block, first click on Return to Event Details to exit out of Edit Assignments mode:

Then click on Notify Employers:

Select the desired employer(s) and click Notify Employers:

You will be required to confirm that you wish to perform this action:

You will then receive a green notification that this action was completed successfully and a Notification Sent label will also be added. Note that you will also be able to see when they were last notified so if you need to send this again or make changes, you are able to do so:

Recall that you can customize this notification by going into the Emails section of editing the event:

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