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Customize Appearance (University Admins)
Customize Appearance (University Admins)
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This article will show you how to upload a custom logo and accent color. This will brand all emails associated with your events, as well as the virtual meeting rooms.

Step 1

Go to your settings.

Step 2

Under "Personal Settings," click on "Customize Appearance."

Step 3

To change the logo, select "Choose file" and upload your image. We recommend a square logo to help prevent any distortion. In terms of size, at least 500 x 500 pixels and 300 dpi is ideal.

Step 4

Under "Change Accent Color," enter your custom hex code. If you are not sure what yours is, you can usually check with your marketing team or message us in the help chat!

Step 5

Click "Confirm Edits."

Step 6

Wait a moment and refresh the page to see your updates within the account.

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