Exciting news! Flo Recruit is streamlining your processes and saving you valuable time by providing additional syncing abilities from law schools and enhanced connections to Historical Data. With these new features, we are equipping you with the tools needed to simplify your procedures and ensure a top-notch candidate pipeline. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Sync Networking Events from Law Schools

Maximize the impact of connections made during law school networking events. With universities now able to share more events than before, Flo builds on the familiar experience of interview syncing to provide you with an efficient way to manage contact information and documents from top candidates.

By accepting these events, you will be able to view the Live Dashboard, customize emails to candidates and members, and request feedback from Members. Best of all, candidates will automatically have profiles created in your account.

Link Historical Record and Candidate Profiles

Maintain up-to-date records and ensure you have a full picture of your candidates. If historical data exists for a particular individual, this will now be clearly indicated and hyperlinked on their profile.

Note that the Historical Data page will also link to the candidate's profile. If no profile exists yet, the name will not be clickable.

Enhanced Account Creation Experience

When creating a new account or resetting their password, users no longer need to copy and paste the token in order to create their password and gain access to the platform.

Extended Expiration Period for Bulk PDF Export

We have extended the period that you can download your Bulk PDF Export. Now with up to one week before the link expires, you can avoid needing to repeat steps and focus on decisions that matter.

Corrected Issues

This release contains several critical, corrected issues. The numbers represent internal tracking numbers referenceable to Flo Recruit employees.

BUG-2541 - Manually adding a candidate not saving properly when added to a timeblock with only a webinar timeslot: This has been corrected.

BUG-2613 - When candidate is assigned to a timeblock containing only a Webinar timeslot, subsequent edits trigger duplicate emails:This has been corrected.

BUG-2680 - Enhanced messaging when no admin notes exist: If there are no admin notes for the candidates selected, ATS users will receive an error message. For non-ATS users, a blank CSV export will be created. If some of the selected candidates have admin notes and others do not, only those candidates with admin notes will be included in the export for both ATS and non-ATS users.

FLO-2695 - Member sees button to download resume even when there is no resume: This has been corrected. If a resume or transcript does not exist, the button for that document will not be visible.

BUG-2683 - Event Registration: unable to register to event if capital letters are included in registration email: This has been corrected. If a resume or transcript does not exist, the button for that document will not be visible.

FLO-188 - Bulk document download link not visible to some employers: This has been corrected.

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