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Using the Live Dashboard (Employer Admins)
Using the Live Dashboard (Employer Admins)
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The Live Dashboard will be the control center for you on the day of an event. It provides a birds-eye view of each room so you can easily monitor all rooms as the event is happening. One of the amazing features of the live dashboard is the ability to identify who is present and who is missing from the meeting rooms. This information allows you to quickly reach out to anyone who is missing from their meeting rooms as well as keep the other participants of that room informed.

Viewing the Dashboard:

To view the Live Dashboard, click on your event from the Events page. Once in your event, Click on Live Dashboard in the top right corner.

Dashboard Filters:

At the top of the dashboard, you will see some show/hide filters. These filters give you the ability to control what you are seeing listed on the dashboard. You can click/unclick these filters to select what you are viewing on your dashboard.

Reading the Dashboard:

When an event participant enters their meeting room, a green dot will appear next to their name on the live dashboard. You can do a quick scan of the dashboard to see who has a green dot next to their name and who does not. Having this information readily available allows you to start reaching out to participants right away to see if they might be having technical issues or are no longer able to attend.

If you want to join the room, you can use the Join as Guest button for meetings that are still within the start and end time. This allows you to pop in and communicate with anyone who is currently in the room. This can be helpful if one of the participants has not yet arrived and you want to update those that are in the room waiting. You will land in the virtual lobby that gives you the ability to preview your audio and video before entering. This means you can enter with your camera and mic off if you just want to send a quick message in the chat and then exit.

Exporting the Dashboard:

The day after your event, you will be able to export a spreadsheet of the Live Dashboard. This will contain a list of the interviewers' and candidates' names, their contact info, the duration, in minutes, of the meeting, whether or not an evaluation was submitted and at what time, and the candidate phone number. This can be a handy way to determine if a meeting ended sooner than it was supposed to. Note that external meetings will not have any info on the duration as interviews that take place outside of Flo cannot be tracked.

This is what the export will look like:

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