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Historical Data Import
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We know how important data is to you and the need to access the historical data from your previous applicant tracking system. You now have the ability to import the data that you want to keep into your Flo Recruit account via the Historical Data table.

Step 1:

Click Settings on the left panel of your account

Step 2:

Click Historical Data from the Organization Settings section

You will then be taken to your Historical Data table.

From the table, you can import data, download the csv template, and manage the columns that are displayed on the table. To manage displayed columns click the icon next to the Manage data button.

Checking a column name will include the column in the table view while unchecking the column name will remove it.

Importing Historical Data:

Click Manage Data

Click Download Template

A CSV template will then be provided to you. This CSV is where you will enter the data that you want to be imported into Flo Recruit.

CSV Import:

When entering information in the template it is important to remember that First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are required fields and must be populated in the template.

Click Manage Data and select Import from CSV

You will then see the file viewer of your computer so you can select the file that is to be imported. Once a file is selected, the user will see a box listing the records that are to be imported.

Once your upload is complete you will receive a confirmation message along with the populated table.

From the table, you can search by a candidate's first name, last name, or email address. You can also sort columns in ascending or descending order. The default sort is by a candidate's first name in ascending alphabetical order.

Deleting Historical Records

Records that have been imported can be deleted from the table. When at least one record is selected, a Delete button will appear.

When selected, you will be asked to confirm the deletion. Once a record is deleted, the action cannot be undone and you would need to upload a new import file to re-add the deleted record.

Importing Multiple Files:

If you will need to do multiple file uploads of historical data, any new data that is not already included in the table will be added.

If a candidate record already exists in the table as well as the file being uploaded (matched by email address), that record will be handled in one of two ways:

  1. If one or more columns of data for a record have changed since the previous import, the record(s) will be uploaded as an additional entry.

  2. If no data has changed for the record(s), you will see those records listed under "Needs Review." Clicking Upload will not alter the records in any way since there are no changes to make.

Importing Candidate Documents:

In order to import documents associated with historical candidate records, candidate records must first be imported into the table. If no candidates exist in the table, the import documents option will not be available.

Step 1

Select the document type to be uploaded

Step 2

Add the file(s) that are to be imported.

Note: Document names must be the email address of the candidate and a candidate with a matching email address as the document must exist in the table.

Once documents are selected, you will see a list of those documents that were matched with candidates and those that were not.

Valid Documents: will list those documents that could be matched with a candidate’s email address

Invalid Documents: will list those documents that could not be matched with a candidate’s email address

Once the upload button is selected you will be provided with a list of those documents that were imported successfully. If a document(s) was not able to be matched with a candidate that document will be left out and not added to the table.

From the table, the Documents column will be populated with a ‘Download Documents’ link. Selecting this link will allow you to view the documents that have been uploaded and associated with the candidate. These documents will be sent via email.

Check out the Applicant Tracking System section of our Help Center to find more articles on our ATS!

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