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With saved filters, you have the ability to create and save filters anywhere that filtering is available. This means data can be viewed faster and easier. Set up your filters once so that moving forward you can generate the information with the click of a button.

Pages with Filters:

There are multiple pages where you have the ability to filter the data. On each of these pages, you will be able to set up and save filters based on the information that is important to you.

Candidates Page:

Jobs Page:

Within a Job:

Saving a Filter:

To save a filter, navigate to any of the pages that have filtering functionality. Enter the filter criteria you wish to save and click the save button.

You will see Save, Save As, and Clear All buttons at the top of the filter box.

Save: This will allow you to save the criteria entered as a filter. If the filter already exists you can make edits to the filtered criteria and click save to update.

Save As: This will allow you to update an existing filter, make changes and create a new filter.

Clear All: This will allow you to clear all of the criteria selected.

Once you click the Save button you will be prompted to enter a name for the filter and each saved filter must have a unique name.

**FILTERING NOTES: Filters are specific to each user, cannot be shared across users within the organization, and cannot be shared across pages within the ATS**

Editing Saved Filters:

Saved filters can be found by clicking the Filter button on the current page and clicking the Saved tab.

From the saved tab you can edit the filter name, delete the filter, apply a filter, and set the filter as your default.

Clicking the Edit icon puts the filter name in edit mode where it can be changed.

Deleting a filter will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the filter.

Applying a Filter:

If there are multiple filters saved, clicking apply for a specific filter will apply the saved criteria to the page that you are viewing. You will see the active tag with the applied criteria to confirm which filter is being applied.

Default Filter:

To set a saved filter as a default, click the star icon. The default filter will automatically move to the top of the list.

Only one filter can be set as default and if there is a default filter selected for a page, that filter will automatically be applied when the page is loaded. To remove the default status from a filter click the star again to unselect.

Column Management:

As with saved filters, there are multiple pages where you have the ability to manage columns. This allows you to set your preferred display. Also like saved filters, it is important to note that column management is specific to each user, cannot be shared across users within the organization, and cannot be shared across pages within the ATS.

Candidates Page:

Within a Job:

Historical Data Page:

Using Column Management:

To use this feature, simply click on the icon and check which columns you wish to be displayed.

This also allows you to customize your export of the job table. In this example, you can see the column management selections reflected on the table:

To export this information, select "Export Table" under "Export Options:"

Notice how the spreadsheet replicates the chosen columns:

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