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ATS: Using Self Identification in Jobs
ATS: Using Self Identification in Jobs

Learn how to set up Self ID and add it to jobs.

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The Self Identification (Self ID) section of Flo’s ATS is your opportunity as the employer admin to collect demographic information on your candidates. This is beneficial to ensure your employer provides equal employment opportunities and gathers the data accurately. In this article we will see how to set up Self ID, add it to jobs, and what it will look like from the candidate’s view.

How to Set Up the Self ID Section

Step 1:

Click Settings on the left panel of your account.

Step 2:

Click Self Identification from the settings list.

From here you can customize your company policies, utilize Flo’s default Self ID questions, and create custom questions.

Self Identification Section Description

Here, you have the option to customize a statement with rich text to inform candidates about your policies.

Default Self ID Questions

The default questions cannot be deleted. However, if you do not want to use them you can easily toggle them off.

Custom Self ID Questions

Step 1:

Click Create New Question on the left panel of your account.

Step 2:

Customize the Label, Title, Question Type, and Answers.

The Label tells you what the question is about. The Title is the question the candidate will see. The Question Types are Single-Select or Multi-Select. Single-Select means the candidate can only choose one answer. Multi-Select means the candidate can select multiple answers. The Answer choices are completely customizable, and there will always be a “prefer not to answer” option, which cannot be deleted. You can add as many options as you like.

Editing Custom Questions

On the right side of all custom questions, you can click the pencil icon to edit:

Don’t forget to save when finished. Note that you cannot edit default questions, only turn them off.

Adding Self ID to Jobs

In the Application section, which appears when editing or creating a job, simply click on “add preset section” to associate Self ID with that particular job.

Candidate View

This is how the candidate views the Self ID form as a part of the application:

Self Identification provides useful data on your candidates. With Flo, you can easily customize and edit these questions. Once set up, you will be ready to associate them with your Jobs. For help with other aspects of Flo’s ATS, check out the Applicant Tracking System section of our Help Center!

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