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ATS: Changing Candidate's Job Statuses
ATS: Changing Candidate's Job Statuses
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Once your job has been created and candidates have been added you can now move candidates through statuses. Statuses can be changed when adding a candidate to a job, through the job overview page, as well as through the candidate profile.

When Adding a Candidate:

Once you have selected the candidate(s) that you want to add to a job you will have the ability to set the status you want them to start the job in.

You can put all of the candidates into the same status or each into a different one. To change the status you can hover over the status and Click the pencil icon.

Or, you can click on the status directly and it will take you into edit mode.

Job Overview Page:

When on the job overview page you can see the candidates in the job and their current statuses.

You can use filters on this page to find candidates with a specific status

To change a candidate's status from the Job Page you will click directly on the current status.

Candidate Profile:

From within the job click directly on a candidate’s name.

A window will slide out on the right where you can view the candidate’s profile information. In the pop out, you will see the current job status and can change it from there.

In the pop out, you can access the candidate’s entire profile page by clicking on the Full Profile button.

Within the candidate’s profile you will be able to see all of the jobs the candidate is in and what their status is in each one.

You can click directly on the status within their profile to update it.

Editing the Status:

No matter where you click on the candidate’s current status, the following process will be the same. Once you click on the status, a box will pop up:

Click the dropdown arrow

The status options will be based on the pipeline template associated with the job.

Once you click on the new status you will see the associated email with the status if there is one.

Editing Emails:

You will always have the opportunity to edit the email when you move a candidate into a status that has an email associated with it.

You also have the ability to turn the email off when you move a candidate into a status that has an email associated with it.

When you turn the email off, it only applies to the specific candidate you are changing statuses for. It will not completely turn that email off for that job or pipeline template.

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