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How to Add Candidates to a Job
How to Add Candidates to a Job
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There are two ways to add candidates to a job: manually by pulling them in from the candidate list or creating them as a new candidate, and through self-apply.

Manually Add Candidates:

Click the Jobs icon on the left panel of your account

Click on the job title to go into the job

Click Add Manually

You can use the search bar to find a specific candidate or use the scroll bar to scroll through the list of candidates within your account.

A key feature of the ATS is the ability to filter candidates and easily pull them into your jobs. For example, you can filter by a candidate event like OCI. You will see a list of the different OCI events that your candidates have participated in and can select as many as you want. With a few clicks, you can have all of the candidates that you met with through OCI added to your jobs!

Once filtered you will only see the candidates who participated in the particular event(s). You can select all of the filtered candidates or you can select them individually.

Once you have your candidate(s) selected, click Next and it will give you the opportunity to select the source that you want to move each of your selected candidates into before adding them to the job.

Note that you can still change the source for a specific candidate, if desired.

Once you click Next, you will also be able to set their status in bulk.

Just like the source, you change the status for a specific candidate in the list.

You can also add or edit the automated email associated with this status in bulk or for a specific candidate.

Once you click Next, you will be asked to confirm your choices.

There may be candidates who do not already have an established profile within your account that you will need to create a profile for before you can add them to the job.

Click +New Candidate

You will then be prompted to provide the candidate's information.

Once you create the new candidate they will show within your list of candidates and are automatically selected to be added to the job.


There are two self-apply methods in which a candidate would be added to your job automatically when submitting their application. These two methods are from a job link that you can share with candidates or directly from your careers page.

Job Link:

From within your job there will be a Copy Job Link button at the top of the page. This is a link that you can share directly with a candidate where they can go to fill out the job application. Once they have submitted their application they will show as a candidate within the job.

Careers Page:

The careers page is where all of your current jobs can be found. The link to your careers page can be sent directly to a candidate or embedded into the firm’s website.

On the careers page candidates can search for, filter, and apply directly to jobs.

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