We are SO excited to bring you some exciting updates before OCI/Callback season! 🙌

Feedback Links:

Easier access to feedback links is something you have been asking for and we have delivered!! There are now two places within an event where you can quickly grab a feedback link for a member.

  • Copy from the 3 dot menu next to the member name

Copy from the live dashboard, after clicking on the member’s name

Event Names:

An update has been made to where if you create an event that has the same name and start date as an existing event you will receive an error message indicating this.

Callback Events Scheduler:

We improved the labeling of the schedule creator to bring more clarity to you. When changing a candidate's interview time block, the expectation is that the left side panel of the schedule editor should update as well but the left side is intended to be a template and will not change based on changes made to the candidate schedule. To bring more clarity to this page, we have done the following:

Better Labeling:

Messaging when time block changes are different:

Warning indicator when a time block differs from a candidate's schedule:

In-person Callbacks Registration Confirmation Change:

A change has been made so that if an interview event is set to in-person, the confirmation screen will no longer reference a video chat link.

We hope you are as excited as we are with all of these updates!! There was a lot of information in here and we know you probably have some questions about them so please join us for our OCI and Callbacks Prep Webinar on June 28th! Click the button below to go to the registration page!

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