We are excited to bring you SO many exciting updates before OCI season! Sit back, relax, and prepare to be blown away by all of the new things coming your way! 🙌

Serendipitous Updates:


We have some BIG Serendipitous updates for you!

The first is that you can request documents from students as part of Serendipitous events. Resumes, Transcripts, and a few other options as well.

Not only are you able to decide if the document is optional or required you also have control over when the documents become available to employers.

  • If multiple documents are requested of a student attendee they will all show when viewing the attendee’s information from the event

  • If a document is requested but the student has not submitted it, the document button will be grayed out and when the employer hovers over it, a message will display informing them, “The student has not uploaded this document.”


We listened and the ability to include a webinar in your Serendipitous event is HERE!

When creating an event, the default will be set to ‘Include’ Webinar’ and you will see all of the fields required. These required fields must be completed in order to navigate to the next step.

  • Webinar Name

  • Duration

A schedule for the event will be displayed with a segment provided for the webinar as well as the segment for the remaining event.

The webinar feature is a great way to gather all attendees in one room at the beginning of the event to provide instructions, have a panel discussion, or anything else that you can come up with!

Other Serendiptious Updates:

  • We also received feedback that if a long employer name was entered that it was cutting off part of the name on the admin view. This has been adjusted so that if there is a room with a long name, the name wraps.

  • When the registration confirmation email is turned off the modal was still saying that an email has been sent. The confirmation modal has been updated to no longer reference an email.

Live Dashboard Updates:

The live dashboard is a lifesaver during virtual events and we have made some improvements to it to make it even better.

Previously when looking at the dashboard you could sort by either employer or time and there was no secondary filtering. That has been updated so that:

  • If sorted by employer, the secondary sort will be time

  • If sorted by time, the secondary sort will be employer

Sorted by Employer

Sorted by Time

Also, we have often heard that it is not clear from the dashboard when a guest is in the room. We have brought more visibility to this column so that when there are no guests, the 0 is grayed out.

Once a guest arrives, the count will change and the text will be colored black.

We have also extended the join as guest button availability and it has been adjusted to remain active past the end time of the time block.

This allows you as an admin to pop into the room and usher them on to their next interviews.

Other Updates ✅:


  • An update has been made so that the timezone on the modal that is presented when you upload a CSV document is synchronized with the timezone that was selected on the event creation screen.

We know this is something that has caused issues in the past but this small change will save you time and headaches 😉

  • This same setting carries over to the time blocks that are created as a result of the upload as well.

Viewing Event Document Settings:

With this new update, you can now view the documents that were requested for an Interview event from the event details page instead of having to go into edit event mode. Furthermore, if a custom date/time setting is applied to document visibility, you can view the selection that was made on the event create/edit page as well as the event details page.

Additional Validation to CSV uploads:

We have added Validation to the Virtual Interviews Information Column (the column used to insert an external video conferencing link). This means that error handling has been added to inform you if a spreadsheet is being uploaded with something other than a link in the Virtual Interviews Information field. Previously if anything was included in that column the upload would accept it but this would cause issues if anything other than a link was entered there. Now the upload will only be successful if a link is entered in that field.

We hope you are as excited as we are with all of these updates!! This was a lot of information to take in and we know you probably have some questions about them. Please join us for our OCI Prep Webinar on June 30th! Click the button below to go to the registration page!

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