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Serendipitous Events give students the flexibility and freedom to move from room to room at their own leisure giving the feel of in-person career fairs/meet and greets. As an Employer, you will be able to meet with students in a relaxed and intimate environment which opens the possibility of how many students you are able to meet within an event. This article will walk you step by step through the registration process and what to expect when joining an event.

Registration Process

The host of the event will send you a registration link through which you can sign up to attend the event.

Step 1:

The registration link will take you to a form that provides the event details and a field to enter your email address. Immediately an email will be sent to you to confirm your email address as well as a link to complete registration.

Step 2:

Click on the registration link you received in the email and enter your first and last name.

Step 3:

Enter the necessary company details.

Step 4:

You will see your information entered as the primary event contact. You can use the slider bar to select if you will be attending the event or not.

From this page, you will also be able to add the attendee(s) who will be representing the firm at the event.

You will provide the attendee's email address, first and last name, as well as if they should be considered an employer contact. Once you have entered all attendee information Click save and then Click the next button to submit the registration.

Step 5:

Once registration is submitted the attendees from the firm will immediately receive a registration confirmation email. This email will confirm the event details and will also include the link to join the event through. Note: Some law schools will not have this registration confirmation email turned on so if you do not receive an email immediately you will receive an event reminder email closer to the day of the event that will include this information.

Step 6:

When it is time to join the event the attendee(s) from your firm will click on the link in the event email.

Once in the event, the attendee might see a pop-up letting them know that they have been pre-assigned to a room. This means that the school has assigned them to a specific room and they are able to join their room directly through that pop-up.

If the attendee has not been pre-assigned to a room the event will look something like this:

Your attendee will be able to see the names of the rooms and be able to join the room for your firm.

Step 7:

Like with other Flo event types the attendee will be able to check their camera and mic before entering the room.

They will also be able to select a virtual background or the option to blur their background.

Step 8:

Once in the room, it will look almost identical to other Flo event meeting rooms. The big difference is that on the left panel attendees will have the ability to see all attendees who are in the room.

They can see who the students are and can click on a student's name to view their contact information. The student's contact information can be viewed before, during, and after the event.

Step 9:

Five minutes prior to the end time of the event a warning will be displayed in the bottom right corner to serve as a warning that the event is coming to an end. Attendees can click the Okay button to dismiss the warning.

Attendees will not be removed from the event when the event duration expires and will be able to wrap up conversations before leaving the event.

Step 10:

Some schools may request documents from students such as resumes and transcripts. To access the documents click the event link in the email that you received from Flo Recruit.

Once in the event click Attendees in the top right corner. In the expanded menu click the student's tab. Lastly, click on the name of a student and you will be able to view their contact information as well as download any documents they have uploaded.

**NOTE: The school hosting the event determines document visibility timing. Document timing can be viewed by following the process above and clicking on one of the document types.

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