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Creating an Invite Employers Event
Creating an Invite Employers Event
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The Invite Employers event type is a University hosted networking event that allows employers to create their own schedules. This event type is quite different from the CSV Upload Networking and Interview event types you might be used to. Because of the nuances for Invite Employer events, we have created this help article to walk you through the setup and point out the differences from other event types.

Event Details:

Go to the Events page in your account and select Add Event. From there you will click on Networking Events > Invite Employer. The first section of creating the event will look familiar but you will notice that there is a description box for Employers and a different description box for Students.


The second section to complete is the Schedules section. In this section, you will not be creating full schedules but will be selecting a date(s) as well as the start and end times of the events. You do have to complete this section to save the event as there is no draft function with this event type. The below screenshot shows the Schedule section and where you will select the date and time for the event.

If your event will be hosted over multiple days you do have the ability to add additional sessions if needed. Next, complete the additional information including how long the sessions will be, how many students can be in a given slot as well as how many timeslots students can register for per employer.


From there you will decide whether you want students to upload resumes and transcripts, as well as if they are optional or required.


There are five different emails that you have the ability to send through Flo. Three are for employers and two are for students.

Employer Confirmation- This is an automatic email sent to an employer after they sign up through your registration link. This email is sent to the person registering on behalf of their employer.

Employer Schedule Creation Reminder- This email serves to remind employers that they haven’t submitted their schedules, and the registration deadline is coming up. This can be set to go out 24 hours, 8 hours, or one hour before the employer deadline. This email is sent to the employer’s event organizer.

Employer Final Schedule- For this email, you can select how far in advance of the event’s first time slot that employers will receive their schedules. **Remember it is not before the attendee’s first time slot, but the first time slot of the entire event** This email defaults to sending to the attorney but you have the option of sending to just the recruiter or both the attorney and recruiter.

Student Registration Confirmation- This is an automatic email sent to a student after they register for the event. Students can modify their schedules until the student registration deadline.

Student Final Schedule- For this email, you can select how far in advance of the event’s first time slot a student would receive their schedule. **Remember it is not before the student’s first time slot, but the first time slot of the entire event**

Next Steps:

  1. After you have created the event you will copy the Employer Registration Link and send it to employers outside of Flo Recruit. They will use that link to log into their Flo account if they are also Flo clients, and if they are not Flo clients then they will register and gain access to the scheduler. Employers then have to build their own schedules and assign their attorneys to the appropriate schedules. You will not be able to view this information until they submit their registration.

  2. Once employers submit their schedules, you will see them populate in your event. You as an admin have the ability to edit employer schedules and attorney representatives on behalf of the employers, even if employer registration is closed.

Key Differences/Takeaways:

  • Employers are building out their complete schedules down to each time slot on their own. You are only selecting the date(s), start time, and end time of the event.

  • As an admin, you do not have the ability to change a student’s schedule. This is something that only students have the ability to do and they can only make changes while the registration window is open.

  • When in edit schedules mode you will not have visibility of student schedules. This means that when you are in a timeslot making edits you will not see which students or how many are currently signed up in that slot.

  • When employers are creating their schedules they have access to emails that they can turn on and off that are separate/different from the emails you have the ability to send through the event. The Outlook Calendar Invite to Members email is the one to take note of. If this email is turned on by the employer and you make changes to timeslots the attorneys in those timeslots will receive an email notification for every change made that affects them.

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