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Integrating Your Evaluations
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  • Log into your Flo Recruit account as usual.

  • On the Events page, search for this interview event by title.

  • If it appears in the “Unsubmitted” section, click into the event card and choose Accept in the upper right. This will sync the schedule with the university’s account, so the schedule you see is always live-updated.

  • Now you can click Edit Emails in the upper right.

  • Switch “Feedback Off” to “Feedback On.”

University-Hosted Events, like OCI:

  • Add questions from your existing bank, or create new ones by clicking Edit Feedback Options.

  • Your bank of “feedback options” is account-wide, so any questions you create here will be available to use on other events and by other admins.

  • Remember that feedback settings are per event, so you’ll likely want to set up feedback on each interview event; not just one.

Firm-Hosted Events, like Callbacks:

  • Configure your custom evaluation questions from a firm-wide bank when you turn “Feedback On” within any Flo Recruit event you build.

Note that you can customize virtually every aspect of your evaluations, like scale labels, additional text boxes, and required vs. optional questions.

  • Want to export evaluation results? Navigate to your candidate's tab, filter by Event, bulk select the candidates in that event, and choose from the export options:

    • Export Selected Candidate Comments (.csv)

    • Export Bulk PDF

The first will pull all comments into a spreadsheet:

The second is a PDF.

If you choose this option, you will be prompted to select which events you wish to pull data from.

Once an event is added, be sure to include feedback. Then, you can further customize the report.

  • Want to use an external evaluation form during your Flo Recruit events? Link to any other feedback system in your Final Schedule Email to Members and Outlook Calendar Invite to Members.

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