Receive link

Your team’s employer contact will receive an email containing a link to bulk download candidate documents. The email will arrive at the same time as the interviewers’ schedule emails (24-48 hours pre-OCI) from a address with the subject line “Download Documents for {{School OCI Event}}.” Remember that the university controls this send time, so if the email is late, please contact the CSO.

Download documents

Click to see a document download page with your employer’s full schedule. You can download candidate documents by interviewer or for the entire schedule at once. Bulk downloads will collate documents into a single .ZIP folder.

Save documents early

Documents will be available through your link indefinitely unless the university opts to delete their event from Flo Recruit after the interview season; for this reason, it is best practice to download and save the documents within one week of the end of your interviews.

Download inside the interviewers’ virtual room

Alternatively, you still access candidate documents the same way you did throughout January 2021 OCI, by clicking into the interviewers’ virtual room links and View Candidate Profile buttons. However, we think you’ll prefer the new method. 😃

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