Best Practices for OCI Prep
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✏️ Include your school name in the event name. This is very important to make sharing easy.

📄 Let employers know if you are asking students to upload docs into Flo, and when you will make documents viewable to interviewers.

⚙️ Give employers insight into when you plan to share the event with them (this only applies to employers who are also Flo Recruit clients).

📌 Look in your CSM platform and get a good understanding of which employers want specific documents (once you upload schedules to the event, you can add those documents to employers).

📆 Reevaluate your timelines. You can make changes to schedules in Flo versus all in your CSM. If possible, please upload your schedules a couple of days in advance to give students time to upload documents in advance. You can manually push out emails to students and then have employer emails go out once you’ve given students time to add their docs into Flo.

📁 Create your event and save as a draft without uploading a csv: customize your emails and set up basic structure of custom docs (without attaching to employers). Please note that you cannot customize employer requests for custom docs without uploading schedules.

➡️ Manually push out your email to students. Wait a couple of days. Send employer emails (if you want them to have access to docs ahead of the event).

✉️ If you want automatic update emails to go out, make sure your emails are not set to manually send later.

👁️‍🗨️ LIVE! To edit the interviewer name without changing the link, go to edit event. Go to the ... next to the interviewer & Edit interviewer. Hover over the interviewer’s name and select Edit. Be sure to click Edit instead of clicking the X to remove the previous interviewer, if you don’t want to change the link!

⬇️ If you want to keep track of the interviews that did not happen or were delayed, you can export the live dashboard. Click the export button on the top right of the live dashboard page and sort by date and time (if applicable). As you go through your day of interviews, the interviews that are waiting for more than 50% of your interview time, highlight in the exported spreadsheet. This is how you can keep track in real-time! Duration will be available for all interviews at 8 AM CT the day after your interviews. Please note that pending durations are external links (i.e. interviews that did not take place in Flo Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.)

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