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Instructions for Employers

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1. Begin Registration

Before the event, the law school will send you an employer registration link to register for their networking event. Once you click the link and enter your employer email address, you’ll be asked to either login (if you have a Flo account) or create an account.

2. Employer Information

Fill out your employer information to include office location, your position, your industry, and a short employer bio. As of now, this information is not made visible to students. Future Flo product improvements will ensure that this information is shown to students.

3. Event Organizer

Once logged into Flo Recruit, you will now be taken to your event page to review the event details and select an event organizer. This will be the primary employer contact. If you do not see your event organizer in this dropdown, go to the Members menu on the left side. Add Member. Select them as an Admin. They will then show up on the event organizer dropdown.

4. Create & Submit Schedule

Select Create a Session to add your employer representatives and time slots. Members are your employer representatives. Here are some pointers for building your schedule: Employer Rep TBD: If you do not yet know your employer reps, you can create a session without adding anyone into the system. To do this, create a session and select the grey save button at the bottom of that drop-down. This will autofill Member TBD into the schedule. You can then build the schedule (add time slots) and either submit to the school or save it later. Best practice would be to build the Member TBD schedule and save it for later. Then, come back into Flo Recruit to add in your employer reps. Schools will have to update this information if you do not include it upon submission.

Multiple employer reps in the same room: To include 2+ employer reps into one room, create a session. Select +Add Member. Input their information. Save. Then, select the “...” to the right of their name. Edit members. Select +Add Member to add additional employer reps. Keep in mind that having multiple reps listed at the top of the column means they will be in the same room.

Multiple rooms with different employer reps in each room: To create multiple rooms with employer reps, create a session. +Add member. Build the schedule by adding timeslots. Go to the “...” at the top of that column. Select Duplicate schedule. That will then create a new column (i.e., new room). +Add member. Multiple columns allow you to have multiple rooms.

Submit schedules: Once you have finalized your schedule, please select the “Submit to School” button at the bottom of your page. If you've already submitted your schedules but need to make edits to the event prior to the employer registration deadline, select “Edit Event”. Make your changes and select “Update Submission” at the bottom of the page.

5. Live Dashboard

To edit your schedules during the employer registration period, click Edit Event in the top right corner. On the day of the event, click Live Dashboard (also in the top right corner) to get a bird’s-eye view of the meetings as they happen in real-time. As employer representatives and students enter their rooms, a green dot will appear next to their names and the status of the meeting will update.

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