Employer Guide for Virtual Networking Events (School-Hosted)
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Step 1

Receive schedule email Before the event, the recruitment team will forward you an email that contains your schedule and a link to your virtual room. Your link is unique to you. If you can no longer attend, you can alert the event organizer and share your link with your replacement.

Step 2

Join your virtual room Click the Join Virtual Room button, or copy and paste the link into a browser tab to join your room or view your schedule prior to the event. Don’t worry, this won’t throw you into a meeting room yet. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Step 3

Enter your virtual lobby You will now be in what we call the “virtual lobby.” You will see your schedule on the left. Two minutes before the meeting start time, you will see a Join Meeting button in the middle of the screen. Click the button to be connected to your first meeting.

Step 4

Join your first meeting The student(s) will join you in the virtual room. When there are two minutes left in the session, you will see and hear a notification prompting you to wrap up and join the next meeting. Click Join Call to move you to the next meeting or Remind Me to snooze the notification for 1 minute. The red Leave button will take you back to the virtual lobby. After all meetings are complete, you can click Leave and exit the tab. Please note if your schedule says Candidate TBD that means a student has not signed up for that slot just yet. We recommend still joining the room in case the school is allowing real-time sign-ups.

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