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Interviewer Guide for Virtual Interviews

Step by Step Instructions for participating in interviews

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The Basics

Step 1: Receive your scheduling email.

Before the event, you will receive an email from the domain This email contains your link to the video chat room, which contains your schedule and candidate information. Each interviewer has a unique link. Click the Join Virtual Room button, or copy and paste the link into a browser tab to join your room or view your schedule prior to the event. Don’t worry, this won’t throw you into a meeting room yet. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. If you can no longer attend the interview, you can share your unique link with your replacement interviewer.

Step 2: Enter your virtual lobby

You will now be in what we call the “virtual lobby.” You will see your schedule on the left with View Candidate Profile options.* Two minutes before the meeting start time, you will see a Join Meeting button in the middle of the screen. Click the button to be connected to your first meeting. Note that you will be able to preview your video and audio before entering each room.

*See "Viewing the Candidate Profile" at the end of this article for more information.

Step 3: Join your first meeting

The candidate will join you in the virtual room or already be there; you do not have to let them in. If you are working remotely and experience a poor connection within your VPN, please disconnect from it or try a personal device. All participants may contact the Flo Recruit team for instant technical support via the blue chat button in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Move through meetings

You and the candidate will both see and hear a two-minute warning, prompting you to wrap up the interview. If you have back-to-back interviews, clicking Join Call will take you straight to the next interview. Remind Me snoozes the notification for 1 minute. The red Leave button takes you back to the virtual lobby. This process continues for each interview until all interviews are complete.

Viewing the Candidate Profile

From the meeting room, you have the ability to access the candidate's profile:

You can access this before, during, and after the call. Simply go to the meeting room lobby through the same link as before.

From this profile, you can view the candidate's contact info, their answers to any Qualifying Questions, their documents, and their schedule for the day.

Note: the visibility of these items may vary depending on how the event organizer set up the particular event.

Viewing the candidate's schedule allows you to see who else they will be interviewing with:

Note: You will not be able to see the candidate's schedule for a school-hosted event.

Bulk Downloading Documents

You may receive a "bulk document download" link from the event organizer in the same scheduling email. When you click on this link, you will be taken to a screen where you can conveniently download all documents at once.

If you notice that not all documents are available yet, the candidate might still need to upload. Try checking back closer to the event or after the meeting.

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