1. Can we manually send the event evaluation link to your employees?

You cannot manually send the link, but you can force the system to send it if for some reason your members cannot find it in their inbox or did not receive it. To do this, simply delete the attorney from the event and re-add them. Additionally, if the member (or you) go to florecruit.com/signin and type in your email, it will send an email back to you or your member with the links to complete their feedback.

2. Can event evaluation links be shared between members?

No. Each member receives a link that is individual to them. As a result, it cannot be sent to another person as any feedback that person enters will display as entered from the original recipient.

3. Can members return to their feedback comments, or save feedback as a draft?

Yes, members can return to their feedback. After clicking the link in your inbox, click in the top left corner on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other). You will see an option that says "My Feedback." Click "My Feedback." You will see all of the feedback you have left and be able to edit the feedback by clicking "Edit." When you submit a comment, it submits it so that it is viewable to the Flo admins, but you can feel free to edit it at any time.

4. When is the last minute we can add members to events? (Can it be done at or after the event?)

Feel free to add them after the event or during. The emails, including the feedback links, will go out immediately if they are sent after the event.

6. How long is the feedback link active for?

Indefinitely. They never expire.

7. Does the browser time out if it stays pulled up?

Yes, after 30 minutes of inactivity, Flo Recruit times out. In order to "log-in" again, just go back to your email and click the link again.

8. Do I need to download an app?

No. The link in your inbox will work from any device. At any time you can access Flo Recruit by navigating to florecruit.com/signin

9. Can other people see your feedback?

Feedback is only visible to those marked as admins in Flo Recruit, which is the Recruiting Team.

10. Do members have to register for Flo Recruit?

No. The Recruiting team will add you to the Flo Recruit event and you will receive a unique feedback link.

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