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Can I do my interviews on my tablet? My smartphone? While every device differs due to software updates, available storage, and age and wear, the Flo Recruit team tested in order to provide general guidelines.

Please note that the following best practices will increase your chances for crystal clear video and audio on any device:

  • Quitting all applications

  • Closing unneeded tabs

  • Updating your browser - we strongly recommend using Chrome

  • Restarting your device pre-interview

The short answer: Flo Recruit highly recommends joining on a computer if at all possible!

Most Desktop Computers ✓

A desktop or laptop computer is our recommended device for conducting virtual interviews, due to higher processing power and larger screen size, which will give you the best video and audio quality.

The only problem with desktops -- Many do not have built-in cameras, and some do not have built-in mics. If this is the case, you would need to connect an external camera and use headphones. Hop in our test room to connect and test both. More info on testing here.

Most Laptop Computers ✓

Laptop computers are generally your best bet, as they have cameras and mics built in, and they have much more processing power than a phone or tablet.

iPads - Identify your iPad model here

  1. iPad Pro-

  2. iPad Air-

  3. iPad Mini- X

  4. iPad (8th Generation)

  5. iPad (7th Generation)

  6. iPad older generations - X (will not fully load)

iPhones - Identify your iPhone model here

  1. iPhone 12 (all variations)-

  2. iPhone SE (2nd generation)-

  3. iPhone XS, XR, X-

  4. iPhone 8 - Various results depending on iOS version - non-updated phones would not load at all, and updated models experienced lag

  5. iPhone 7 - X (it works but can get very slow with more than 2 participants)

  6. iPhone 6 - X (very slow)

  7. iPhone SE (1st generation) - X (will not load)

  8. iPhone 5, 4, 3GS, 3G - X (will not load)

Android Smartphones

  1. Samsung S8 - Works but experienced some lag

  2. Samsung S7 - Works but experienced choppy audio and frequent video freezes

  3. Other models still testing - If you have one and would like to test, please email Hannah at!

Android Tablets

  1. Still testing - If you have one and would like to test, please email Hannah at!

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